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Net Neutrality Guidelines Take Effect: What It Means for You

The net neutrality rules authorized earlier this year by the Federal Communications Commission go into effect right now just after a federal judge blocked challenges from cable and telephone companies. Net neutrality is the principle that Web service providers really should treat all online content material equally without providing preference ...

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Top 5 Interviews May 18th-22nd

1. Mike Pereira on Tiki And Tierney FOX Sports NFL Rules Analyst on doctoring footballs: “It’s not just the Patriots alone that have doctored up the footballs or manipulated the footballs during the game.” 2. EJ Hradek on Ferrall On The Bench NHL Network analyst on the Blackhawks chances: “They’ve ...

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CDC Finds Reside Anthrax In All Test Samples Shipped By Military, Orders Labs to Destroy Remaining Lots

The Centers for Illness Control and Prevention now believes that there was live anthrax in all of the samples mistakenly sent by the U.S. military to 69 laboratories in 19 states, the District of Columbia and 5 countries. It has instructed the labs to destroy any remaining anthrax still in ...

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Calls to Poison Control Centers Linked to Synthetic Marijuana Spike 229%, CDC Says

A record number of emergency calls related to synthetic marijuana have been reported this year as authorities continue to grapple with the drug at times known as “spice.” Calls to poison control centers related to synthetic marijuana have risen a whopping 229% compared to the similar time last year, according ...

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