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2015 FIFA Women’s Planet Cup: Total Schedule and Final results

June 6

Canada 1, China

Netherlands 1, New Zealand

June 11

China 1, Netherlands

Canada , New Zealand

June 15

Netherlands vs. Canada

China vs. New Zealand

June 7

Norway 4, Thailand

Germany ten, Ivory Coast

June 11

Germany 1, Norway 1

Thailand 3, Ivory Coast two

June 15

Thailand vs. Germany

Ivory Coast vs. Norway

June eight

Cameroon six, Ecuador

Japan 1, Switzerland

June 12

Switzerland ten, Ecuador 1

Japan two, Cameroon 1

June 16

Ecuador vs. Japan

Cameroon vs. Switzerland

June eight

Sweden three, Nigeria three

USA three, Australia 1

June 12

Australia two, Nigeria

USA , Sweden

June 16

USA vs. Nigeria

Australia vs. Sweden

June 9

Spain 1, Costa Rica 1

Brazil 2, South Korea

June 13

Brazil vs. Spain

South Korea vs. Costa Rica

June 17

Costa Rica vs. Brazil

South Korea vs. Spain

June 9

France 1, England

Colombia 1, Mexico 1

June 13

France vs. Colombia

England vs. Mexico

June 17

Mexico vs. France

England vs. Colombia

June 20

1B vs. 3ACD

2A vs. 2C

June 21

1E vs. 2D

1F vs. 2E

1A vs. 3CDE

June 22

2B vs. 2F

1D vs. 3BEF

June 23

1C vs. 3ABF

June 26-27

June 30-July 1

July four

Semifinal losers

July 5

Semifinal winners

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