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Airport Takes Boy’s Lost Stuffed Animal Tiger on ‘Great’ Adventure in Florida

A stuffed animal tiger named Hobbes not too long ago went on a “great adventure” at Tampa International Airport in Florida soon after being accidentally left behind by his young owner.

Owen Lake, six, traveled to Houston with his parents earlier this month, and was “distraught” immediately after realizing he lost Hobbes, the airport stated in a statement.

Owen and Hobbes have been reunited this past Thursday, when Owen flew back to Tampa, exactly where employees surprised the boy with a photo book of his favourite tiger’s vivid adventures at the airport whilst away from his owner, the airport stated.

The book was filled with photographs of Owen at different parts of the airport, which includes him outside by the air visitors control tower, napping in a hammock by the Marriott pool and riding a luggage cart — among other points.

The images came along with humorous captions, such as, “Can’t shed these wonderful muscle tissues while I’m on getaway!” subsequent to a photo of Hobbes working out at the airport’s employee gym, according to ABC News affiliate WFTS.

A prior lost stuffed animal adventure inspired an airport operations manager to take Hobbes on his own escapades, the airport said.

“I pitched this idea a couple of months ago right after I saw a equivalent thought where an individual took a stuffed lion about a museum,” stated Airport Operations Center manager Tony D’Aiuto, who noted that all of the photos were taken for the duration of his lunch hour. “This seemed like the great chance.”

Airport staff stated they presented Owen with the book immediately following he and his family landed and got their luggage.

“It was really, pretty sweet,” mentioned Owen’s mother, Amanda Lake, who cried when staff showed up with the hardbound book. “We currently told him over and over that Hobbes was on an adventure so it was good to get back and show him that Hobbes genuinely had been on an adventure.

“Thank you to everybody at Tampa International Airport who took such wonderful care of Hobbes,” his mother added. “It was such a nice surprise.”

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