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Broken Telephone Racks Up Substantial Bills From Beyond the Grave

Dear ABC News Fixer: Verizon Wireless is charging me for a broken telephone that was returned to them final November.

I returned the defective telephone utilizing their personal shipping box, and the tracking quantity shows it was received at their Texas warehouse. But they nonetheless billed me $399.99 for it. Every single time I called to complain, the client service rep would guarantee to straighten it out, but that by no means occurred.

They ended up suspending my service. Now, with monthly fees tacked on, my account balance is $823.40 and they have sent it to collections. I had perfect credit and would like to resolve this. Please aid.

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Dear Bonnie: If only cell phones existed for the duration of Franz Kafka’s time picture the tale of alienation he could weave with your seven months of labyrinthine dealings with the customer service get in touch with center.

You told the ABC News Fixer that you kept explaining more than and over that you had returned the defective phone right after Verizon had mailed you a replacement. The tracking number backs you up: the undesirable phone was delivered to them at six:26 p.m. on Nov. 19, 2014.

By the time we got involved, you had currently gotten a cheapie phone program from Walmart and changed your telephone quantity.

But still, there was this mushrooming bill threatening to wreck your wonderful credit score.

We had far better luck receiving this fixed. We took your story to Chuck Hamby, a public relations executive at Verizon Wireless, who straight away got it into the hands of a high-level customer service specialist. Within a handful of hours, that person had corrected the problem, erasing the complete balance and canceling the rest of your service contract.

A single thing that helped was you were super organized. You had the tracking number, account number and notes from your interactions.

Hamby stated they’re nevertheless attempting to figure out what occurred, but they wanted to fix it rapidly. He also apologized and promised to adhere to up with the collection agency to make certain practically nothing negative about this appears on your credit record. In a couple of months, we suggest you double-check by ordering your absolutely free credit report from each and every of the 3 credit bureaus at the official site, www.annualcreditreport.com.

– The ABC News Fixer

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