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Google Desires to Strengthen City Life With Sidewalk Labs

Google’s most recent moonshot is aiming to locate a technological remedy for the issues faced by city dwellers — among them, website traffic congestion, pollution and exorbitant housing charges.

The new venture, named Sidewalk Labs, was announced by Google chief executive Larry Page in a Google+ post where he talked about Google’s “extended-term bet” on future innovation that could assistance adjust cities for the better.

“When this is a fairly modest investment and quite distinctive from Google’s core organization, it is an region exactly where I hope we can genuinely improve people’s lives,” Web page wrote in the post on Wednesday night.

Web page said some progress has been made in marrying technologies and city life, such as dashboards that visualize targeted traffic patterns and tools that let residents give feedback on municipal solutions. Even so, he sees lots of areas for Sidewalk Labs to tackle.

“A lot of urban challenges are interrelated — for example, availability of transportation affects exactly where folks pick out to reside, which affects housing prices, which impacts high-quality of life,” Web page wrote. “So it assists to start off from first principles and get a massive-image view of the several things that impact city life. Then, you can develop the technologies and partnerships you require to make a difference.”

Sidewalk Labs will be based in New York City and run by former deputy mayor Dan Doctoroff.

Web page did not reveal how significantly income Google is investing in the venture but compared it to Google X, the company’s huge ideas laboratory, which has focused on ambitious projects, such as self-driving cars and World-wide-web beaming balloons.

“As extra and much more persons around the planet reside, work and settle in cities, the opportunities for improving our urban environments are endless,” he wrote. “Now it’s time to hit the streets and get to operate!”

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