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Hillary Clinton Talked About de Blasio’s Signature Issues ‘Years’ Before Him, Says Neera Tanden

Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress who is informally advising Hillary Clinton on policy, told ABC News she hoped New York Mayor Bill de Blasio — with whom she served on the former secretary of state’s 2000 campaign for Senate — would eventually endorse their former boss, adding that Clinton had highlighted de Blasio’s “signature” issues years prior to he had himself.

De Blasio has mentioned he desires to hear much more specifics from Clinton before producing a choice.

1] The quantity of people today, according to a recent ABC News-Washington Post poll, who see Hillary Clinton as trustworthy has dropped in recent months. Does this alarm you? And you are informally advising Clinton, so if it is a difficulty, what is your suggestions for her?

NT: No. Being involved in the political process these days creates some degree of tarnish on a candidate’s character attributes. But in terms of animating voting intentions, I believe the most significant query is who do you trust to fight for you? To get the job accomplished for you? To improve things for you? And via the course of this campaign, that query will have a clear answer for voters and it will be Hillary.

two] Let’s speak about New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, who ran Hillary Clinton’s very first campaign for the Senate. You have been Clinton’s deputy campaign manager at that time, so you should have worked with both closely, yes? Do you find it odd that he has not endorsed her?

NT: Yes, I worked closely with Bill de Blasio when he was campaign manager and I was deputy campaign manager. My own view is that this is a timing challenge. On concerns like rising income inequality and policies like universal pre-k, signature troubles for Bill de Blasio, Hillary was talking about them years ahead of Bill. In her presidential campaign in 2007 she raised issues about rising financial inequality and she proposed way back then universal pre-k. Her calls for universal voting, criminal justice reform and sturdy, complete immigration reform are ones that resonate with the broad public, but particularly with progressives. So I really much hope Mayor de Blasio will endorse Hillary as soon as she’s laid out her agenda.

3] Must Hillary Clinton make herself far more offered to the press? Is she taking adequate concerns?

NT: It really is a lengthy campaign, we nonetheless have 500 days and I anticipate folks will have heard plenty from her in interviews as effectively as direct speeches by the end of it.

4] Gov. Martin O’Malley has stated that the presidency is “not some crown to be passed in between two households.” Do you agree?

NT: 1 could have mentioned that about the Roosevelts, but I come about to believe Franklin Roosevelt was one of our country’s greatest presidents. It would have been a pity if calls like that in 1932 kept him from the White Property.

five] All suitable, placing you on the spot right here. Who do you think are the 3 most most likely vice presidential Democratic nominees?

NT: Properly, placing me aside, it really is difficult to pick only 3. Just kidding. I will leave that to other individuals as I consider it’s poor luck to think beyond the major.

Neera Tanden will appear on “This Week” tomorrow.

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