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How This NYPD Officer Saves Stray Kitten, Helps it Come across New Home

A New York police officer not only saved a stray cat, but also helped the adorable kitten obtain a loving dwelling.

Police in Brooklyn responded Friday to a report of a tiny cat trapped underneath a minivan’s engine block, the New York Police Department said.

The very first responding officers had problems convincing the cat to come out, so that is when Officer John Passarella came to the scene, Passarella told ABC News nowadays.

Passarella, who is also a volunteer firefighter, stated he very first got down on his back and slid under the car or truck, but the scared kitten kept slipping away from him.

Soon after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, a scratched-up Passarella match his arm underneath some belts and “was in a position to grab a hold of him and pull him out,” he stated.

Passarella stated the kitten was in all probability about 1 or two months old.

The cat did not appear injured, but was still a stray — so Passarella helped it locate a new property. The kitten was adopted by one more police officer, who gave it to her son.

“Her son definitely loves it,” Passarella said.

“[I’m] surely ecstatic that a person I know personally was able to take the cat,” Passarella told ABC News. “Unquestionably provides me peace of mind knowing that it is going to be OK.”

And the rescued kitten’s new name? “Pazzy,” after Passarella, the police said.

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