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Jaycee Dugard Interview: She Speaks About Freedom From Phillip Garrido: ABC News Exclusive

Now absolutely free, Jaycee Dugard revels in the simplest of freedoms soon after spending 18 years getting held captive by Phillip and Nancy Garrido.

“Now I can stroll in the next space and see my mom,” Dugard told ABC News’ Diane Sawyer in an exclusive interview. “Wow. I can make a decision to jump in the automobile and go to the beach with the girls. Wow, it really is unbelievable, really.”

Dugard chose to tell her story in a new memoir “A Stolen Life” and in an intimate conversation with Sawyer.

Phillip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years in prison in June. Nancy Garrido is serving a sentence of 36 years to life in prison.

At the sentencing, Terry Probyn, Dugard’s mother, study a victim’s statement, but at the time the judge would not permit audio to be broadcast. For the duration of Dugard’s interview with ABC News, you will hear her mother’s statement for the initial time: “I could hear her crying, not with my ears, but with my heart. I could really feel her discomfort, not with my physique, but once more with my heart. Entirely unbearable and debilitating.”

Probyn told ABC News “I knew she was out there somewhere…I held onto her and didn’t let go. I could not let go. And my heart got ripped out and that substantial hole couldn’t be filled by any person but her. I just hung on.”

Watch Diane Sawyer’s Exclusive Interview With Jaycee Dugard on ABC News Sunday, July 10 at 9/8C

Now, Dugard is sharing the secrets she harbored for decades, like what occurred the day she was kidnapped.

Dugard was kidnapped whilst walking to her Tahoe, Calif., college in June of 1991 by the Garrido couple.

She was then just an 11-year-old girl who loved her mom, her infant sister, the family cat.

Now, she’s a survivor and mom who has endured the cruelty of a man that kidnapped, handcuffed, raped and imprisoned her in a backyard compound. Dugard gave birth to two girls when held captive in the backyard.

The sounds of the locking doors at the compound still haunt her and she can still don’t forget the day her life changed forever.

On June 10, 1991, as Dugard left her home wearing all pink and a kitty shirt, and considering about her mom — who was operating late that morning and did not kiss her goodbye, she was taken.

Garrido made use of a stun gun to shock Dugard. She tried to scoot into the bushes.

The last issue she remembers touching was one thing sticky.

Immediately after she and her daughters have been freed and reunited with her family in 2009, Dugard started asking individuals to bring her pinecones, not realizing that it was the same sticky thing she clung to trying to sustain her freedom.

“Back then [the pinecone] was the last factor I touched. You know, the last grip on me. Now, it’s—it’s a symbol of hope and new beginnings. And that—there is life soon after a thing tragic,” Dugard mentioned.

Dugard wears about her neck a smaller symbol of a pinecone to symbolize her new life and the hope she held onto throughout her imprisonment. Dugard stated that during her ordeal, she constantly believed of her mother and hoped to see her once more 1 day.

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