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Kacey Musgraves Enlists Nashville Drag Queens to Debut Her New Album, ‘Pageant Material’

Kacey Musgraves wanted to have a fabulous album release party for her sophomore project, “Pageant Material,” so she enlisted the drag queens of Nashville gay bar, Play, to carry out to the album for her good friends and business insiders.

The party took spot Monday evening in front of a capacity crowd, but Musgraves and her publicist friend, Elice Cuff, dreamed up the party throughout Cuff’s recent birthday bash at Play.

Ahead of the album release show got started, Musgraves mentioned, “We have been right here for [Cuff’s] birthday, slightly inebriated, and she leaned over and was like, ‘You have to do one thing here for your album.’ And I was like, ‘That is a brilliant idea.’ So, it’s all Elice’s notion, and it was a really good a single.”

The drag queens lip-synced and performed to most of the tracks from Musgraves’ album, including the lead single, “Biscuits.” In involving the performances, she took the stage to introduce every single song although decked out in a black, sequined jacket and satiny, black hot pants.

As for the venue of her party, Musgraves has been a frequent at Play ever considering that she moved to Nashville numerous years ago. She went to a couple of gay bars while living in Austin, Texas, but none of them compared with the drag shows she saw in Music City, she mentioned.

“Whenever I came here, I just fell in enjoy with it,” she mentioned. “So, it is type of cool to come back and have an occasion right here like this — a country music occasion at a drag bar. I imply, it really is sort of brilliant. I can’t wait to see what the girls are wearing. I am fairly sure they’re tucking and taping ideal now, obtaining prepared.”

Musgraves’ CMA-winning Song of the Year, “Follow Your Arrow,” has grow to be an anthem for gay nation fans in the previous handful of years. She’s proud to aid make the LGBT neighborhood feel at home within the country format.

“I’ve had a lot of persons come up to me and say that they can walk a tiny bit taller since they are a massive country music fan and now they have one thing that actually resonates with what they are going by way of,” she stated. “I see gay couples at my shows and they really feel like they can be themselves, like, holding every other and singing, and that just makes me feel really fantastic. I really am proud of that.”

“Pageant Material” hits retailers June 23.

Musgraves said she’s hosting yet another celebration at Nashville’s Acme Feed & Seed tonight to launch the Texas-primarily based vodka brand, Zodiac.

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