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Lady Who ‘Freaked Out’ Soon after Meeting Doppelganger Meets 2nd 1 in Italy

Niamh Geaney, who said she “freaked out” when she met a doppelganger for the initial time a few months ago, not too long ago just met with another “twin stranger” in Genoa, Italy.

Even though Geaney’s initial doppelganger, Karen Branigan, who lives in Ireland as does Geaney, was far more comparable to Geaney in appears than personality, Geaney’s second doppelganger, Luisa Guizzardi, looks and acts just like Geaney, she stated.

“I met with her pal of 24 years before meeting her, and he mentioned Luisa and I had the identical presence and aura,” Geaney told ABC News now. “And when I ultimately met her in individual, it was crazy. She’d scrunch her nose the same way as me, play with her hair the identical way, shrug her shoulders the similar way and even speak with her hands similarly.”

Guizzardi, 27, got in touch with Geaney, who’s also 27, just after Guizzardi’s friend showed her a video of Geaney meeting her initial doppelganger, Geaney said.

“From there, I was just kind of like, ‘Hey, what do you assume about me flying more than there?’ and she was super excited about it, so it was simple to set up,” Geaney mentioned.

She added that she wanted to get a sense of what Guizzardi was like just before meeting her, so she met with Guizzardi’s close friends and family members at many locations Guizzardi would frequent in Genoa.

Guizzardi’s mom basically believed Geaney was her daughter from a distance, she told Geaney.

When the two ultimately came face-to-face last Friday, Geaney mentioned she couldn’t stop staring at Guizzardi’s face.

“The very first time about, seeing another girl with my face was a new sensation, but it was so strange for it to occur to me again,” she stated. “But it was how comparable she acted that was the craziest point about her.”

The two also place on makeup, contacts and styled their hair and clothes the exact same way to see just how closely they could look like every other, Geaney mentioned.

The “twins” are going to be maintaining in touch, Geneay added, saying that Guizzardi, like her first doppelganger, is now a “friend for life.”

Twin Strangers, Geaney’s web-site that assists connect people today about the world with their doppelgangers, has also expanded.

“We have virtually 50,000 customers and increasing,” she stated. “We want to enable other men and women to also have that creepy, wonderful encounter of meeting their lookalikes. And for people today we feel are actually close matches, we’re going to present to spend for their flights and accommodations, so they can meet in particular person, also.”

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