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Michael Strahan Offers a Behind-the-Scenes Appear at ‘Magic Mike XXL’

Curious about what life was like on the set of “Magic Mike XXL”?

Michael Strahan has your answer.

The “Reside with Kelly and Michael” host, who will dance in the upcoming film, gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at wardrobe, hair and makeup and much more.

“Let’s just say I believe everyone’s heads are going to explode in the theater,” Channing Tatum promised of Strahan’s functionality. “I actually cannot take how remarkable he was.”

In the video, Strahan weighs his wardrobe solutions (so substantially gold lamé!), shows off his six-pack and jokes about with his co-stars, like Tatum, Joe Manganiello and Matthew Bomer.

“[He’s here] to show up us and make us look bad,” Bomer stated. “I have in my contract I cannot stand next to him!”

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