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NY Senator Wants Airlines to Scrap Carry-on Luggage Proposal

Sen. Charles Schumer desires airlines to scrap a proposal to reduce the permitted size of carry-on luggage.

He planned a news conference Sunday to warn travelers that a 20 % reduction would force them to pay extra for check-in fees or commit revenue on new luggage.

The Democratic senator stated it really is just another way for airlines to make income at the expense of travelers.

“We want to blow the whistle on this prior to it happens,” Schumer told The Connected Press. “Sufficient currently! They charge a fee for peanuts, for leg room, for just about anything.”

In a lot of situations, it charges $25 to check every single piece of luggage.

Schumer says buyers deserve a break, specially considering that airline income are expected to soar this year.

The existing maximum carry-on size, depending on the airline, ranges from a length of 22 inches to 24 inches, a width of about 14 to 18 inches and a depth of 9 to 16 inches.

The trade association for the industry — the International Air Transport Association — wants to standardize the permitted carry-on size to 21.five inches by 13.5 inches and a depth of 7.5 inches.

The association says the smaller sized size is perfect for storage space and would avert the challenge that travelers usually face when a plane cabin runs out of storage space by the time all the passengers board.

Many international airlines already have agreed to adopt the proposed policy, including Air China, Avianca, Azul, Pacific, China Southern, Emirates, Lufthansa and Qatar.

Schumer said he expects U.S. airliners to choose no matter if or not to make the size transform in the next handful of months.

“Luggage businesses have made carry-on bags and now, all of a sudden, millions of them will not fit,” the senator warned.

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