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Pope Francis Debuts New Hyundai Version of Popemobile

Pope Francis is recognized for his humble attitude, and it appears he’s taken yet another step to be far more like the typical man.

The most current so-named “popemobile” to be added to the Vatican’s fleet of automobiles reportedly is a Hyundai, marking a shift from the larger-priced Mercedes Benz that has been preferred by prior popes.

The white Hyundai car, which is stated to be a model of the Sante Fe line of the South Korean car or truck giant, made it is public debut earlier this month in Vatican City.

According to the Catholic News Service, the narrow body of the Hyundai enables for guards to stand along the car or truck as it is driving down crowd-lined streets.

The move could be noticed as a different instance of the pope’s preference for the sensible more than the flashy — as was his choice to reside in the Vatican’s guest home rather than the papal apartments following he was elected in 2013.

The Catholic News Service reported that the tradition of getting a “popemobile” dates back to 1909.

In current years, most of the vehicles applied by the pope had been made by Mercedes Benz, and although Pope Francis might be seen out in his Hyundai extra regularly now, the Mercedes automobiles have not been removed from the fleet absolutely: He was spotted back in a Benz on Wednesday.

The Vatican media workplace was closed and unavailable to straight away comment on the new vehicle.

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