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Purple Sea Slugs Surprise Beachgoers in Northern California

This was a different sort of purple haze — as an alternative of kissing the sky, dozens of sea slugs washed ashore in California, spreading purple ink on a number of beaches.

Dozens of sea slugs — also identified as purple sea hares — have produced landfall in Oakland, Alameda and Richmond, ABC affiliate KGO-Television in San Francisco reported.

Residents said they saw the “blobs” scattered across the sand, oozing purple ink.

Authorities told KGO one particular beachgoer even named 911, reporting that they thought a tiny purple heart had somehow ended up on the beach. Nonetheless, it was not a case of a person leaving his heart in the San Francisco location — just a sea slug.

Sea hares can develop to much more than two feet in length and weigh up to 15 pounds. They leak a purple ink onto the sand as component of their defense mechanism, but they are not harmful to humans.

“We’ve been seeing them wash up considering the fact that September, going all by way of the winter and now even a lot more in the spring. So perhaps it is mainly because of the warmer water,” East Bay Regional Park District naturalist Morgan Dill told KGO.

Dill stated it is unusual to see the slugs in June because they normally wash up throughout the later summer months. Officials do not know how several sea slugs have washed ashore so far.

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