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Shark Attack Survivor Kiersten Yow Faces ‘Long Road to Recovery,’ But Expected to Keep Leg

The 12-year-old girl who was recently attacked by a shark in North Carolina is expected to “hold her leg” although she nonetheless has a “long road to recovery,” her parents mentioned in a statement Tuesday.

Kiersten Yow, identified by her parents, was bitten two occasions in the attack this previous Sunday. Authorities mentioned that she lost the portion of her arm below the elbow and could also shed her left leg due to injuries.

Yow was rushed to New Hanover Regional Healthcare Center in Wilmington and was transferred to N.C. Children’s Hospital at UNC Monday, where she remains in steady condition, her parents Brian Yow and Laurie Yow said in a joint statement.

“She has a long road to recovery that will include things like surgeries and rehabilitation, but her medical doctors at UNC count on she will keep her leg, and for that we are grateful,” they stated.

“We want to thank the fantastic Samaritans and emergency responders whose clear heads and fast actions saved Kiersten’s life. We also thank her extraordinary medical doctors and nurses in Wilmington and Chapel Hill.”

The two added that the attack has been “an extraordinarily traumatic occasion” for the whole family members and that they require “time and space to come to terms with what has happened and to help Kiersten recover.”

Beachgoer Marie Hildreth, who occurred to be a paramedic, helped the girl by utilizing strings from a boogie board, she told Excellent Morning America today.

“I … stopped the hemorrhaging from two of the limbs and then I fundamentally just type of stabilized her, got an IV from somebody in the crowd, got her some fluids and waited for fire and EMS to show up,” Hildreth stated.

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