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Vehicle Buyer Battles Dealership Over Value Jump

Dear ABC News Fixer: I needed a car to get to function so I went to a regional auto dealership.

The sales person told me the vehicle would expense $15,000. I gave them $700 money as a down payment, but I did not sign any papers. After the sales contract was ready, the manager explained that with the finance charges and other products, the total expense would be about $25,000.

I was shocked by the greater price and changed my mind about the acquire. I told them I was sorry for wasting their time but I would like to get my $700 back. The manager said my money was already in the protected box and that I would have to wait until the next week.

Given that then, I have been calling them with no luck. It is been a month now and they maintain giving me excuses. Please aid.

– John Ochoa, Chicago

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Dear John: This was so ridiculous we practically couldn’t think it. You put down a cash deposit for a vehicle but by no means signed a sales contract, and a month later you nevertheless didn’t have your income?

But positive enough, that’s what occurred.

Fortunately, you had gotten a receipt for the cash they were holding. That helped a lot when the ABC News Fixer decided to pay a check out to the vehicle dealership, Ultimo Precio on Chicago’s Northwest Side. It took a number of hours and a couple of nicely-placed telephone calls to greater-ups at the corporate offices, but sooner or later they did come by way of and gave you a check for the full $700. We drove you straight to your bank to deposit it.

So what occurred? The dealership group’s advertising director blamed an accounting error triggered in component by the departure of a crucial employee. He apologized profusely and gave you a $50 prepaid credit card gift card to attempt to make up for the hassle.

The weird portion is you did the right factor by taking some time to assume about the deal and resisting any pressure to acquire the car quickly. That was intelligent, since as you told us, you would have been genuinely unhappy if you had signed a sales contract with that substantially debt.

So now you are absolutely free to purchase a car elsewhere. Here’s some tips:

– The ABC News Fixer

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