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Falcons’ Owner Arthur Blank On Ellen DeGeneres Show

If you were watching “Ellen” yesterday you may have spotted a familiar face in the studio audience.

The owner of our Atlanta Falcons, Arthur Blank, along with his fiance Angela Macuga, were very enthusiastic audience members on the show.

Macuga, and even Arthur, danced a little bit as the host of the show Ellen DeGeneres entered the studio.

But that wasn’t Blank’s only camera time on the show.

Ellen auctioned off a replica, or near replica, of the wedding dress she wore in the movie “Mr. Wrong” and Arthur bid on the dress.

He was receiving instructions in his ear from Angela, but he kept bidding.

The bidding ended at $8,000 and Arthur was the winner.

Ellen obviously didn’t recognize him as she said “Thank you sir, thank you ma’am!” and left it at that.

But good to see Arthur and Angela having some fun while out west for the NFL Spring Meetings AND supporting a charity for animals.

Watch the video below:

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