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Gear: Frying For A Good Time

If I could design my own kitchen, without worrying about space or money, certain amenities would absolutely be included. A slushy machine is one, as we discussed awhile back. Another is a commercial deep fryer, because frying makes pretty much any food that much better. Don’t believe me? You clearly never worked in food service as a teenager.

Chances are I’ll never have an endless kitchen (or tailgating rig) or bottomless bank account. But I can still fulfill my deep-fried dreams, with visions of French fries, corn dogs and chicken wings dancing in my head. Tailgaters, let me introduce you to the T-fal Ultimate Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer.

Buy the Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer.

Photo Credit: T-fal

This beauty can cook almost three pounds of food in the basket at a time. That’s a lot of fried goodness. The adjustable thermostat ensures the correct temperature, because the 1700-watt heating element is immersed in the oil itself. An LED light tells you when to lower the basket. A viewing window in the lid lets you keep an eye on the progress.

But how does it handle all that messy (not to mention dangerous) hot oil? The basket has two positions, for cooking and draining the oil, plus side-mounted handles make it easy moving. An automatic drainage system works with a built-in container to drain and filter out the good oil for reuse.

The usual fried foods are a good place to start. Move up to ice cream and cheesecake or Coke and Kool-Aid once you’re comfortable. You’ll have all those hungry mouths watering… and screaming for more.

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