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Here’s Where We Stand After Game 1; This Thing Is Far From Over

Ok, so when DeMarre Carroll went crumbling to the court Wednesday night most every one of us probably had the exact same reaction.

We probably screamed “Noooo!”

Then we probably held our heads in our hands and thought to ourselves “Well, that’s it.”

We probaby even all flipped over to watch the rest of David Letterman’s final show, mumbled about the Hawks losing Game 1 and then fell asleep trying to move on and think about the upcoming NFL season and the debut of Coach Quinn.

At least that’s how it went at the majority of people’s houses that we talked to this morning.

But today is a new day, and it’s time to do that morning after analysis that many of us do after some major event the night before. We wake up, we think “Did that really happen?” and then begin to justify or rationalize what we saw.

Yes, the refs were horrible.

Yes, JR Smith was ridiculous.

Yes, LeBron was LeBron.

Yes, Floyd Mayweather was booed when he was shown on the big screen. Just pointing that out.

The point is, both the Hawks and the Cavaliers lost their Game 1 home games in Round 2 of the Playoffs.

So this thing is FAR from over.

What about DeMarre missing the next few games? Well, for one thing, we don’t know that he will. He may miss Game 2, but may very well be back in Game 3. And if he’s not, haven’t most of us been screaming for Mike Scott to get some more playing time?

Kyle Korver once again had a single digit performance. The law of averages would lead us to belive that Kyle is about to break out with a huge game.

Smith will NOT shoot like that every night. It was a ridiculously strong performance, but he’s not Steph Curry. So that won’t happen every game.

We knew this series would go deep, to six or maybe even seven games. Nothing has changed.

So let’s all calm down, take a deep breath and closely monitor the situation with DeMarre.

All of us here at The Game are wishing DeMarre a speedy recovery, but either way, with or without him, we still feel like we’ve got this.

Go Hawks!

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