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Shooter Assumed the Role of Eastern European Soldiers

The prime suspect in the ambush killing of a state trooper from Pennsylvania was the member of a military simulation unit. The unit was based in the state’s eastern region, and the killer used to assume the role of Eastern European soldiers. On the day of the killing, Eric Matthew Frein may have taken his part a little too seriously which resulted in the killing, according to authorities who had conducted a press conference on Wednesday. The members of the group (whose name is being kept under wraps) are being questioned about the suspect.

A Search for the Suspect Is Rigorously Going On

A search for the suspect is underway, and according to the authorities Frein had changed his hairstyle to disguise his look before he killed the man. 150 officers are conducting a vigorous search for him near the northeastern Pennsylvania woods. He is suspected to be armed with 2 rifles, and is known to have a long standing enmity with the police force. The schools of the Pocono Mountain and Wallenpaupack district have been closed by the respective school boards till the man is arrested. He has been classified as an extremely dangerous man.

Frein Son of a Retired Army Major

The worst part about the incident is that Frein is the son of an army major who retired from service after 28 years of distinguished service. The father, Michael Frein, said that his son was a great marksman who hardly misses a shot. The suspect’s home is around 20 miles from the scene of the crime, and he used to live there with his family till a few months back. The victim was Cpl. Bryon Dickson, aged 38 while Trooper Alex Douglass was wounded. The tip off about Frein came from a resident who saw a Jeep submerged in a pond and called 911. Shell casings were found inside the jeep which matched those found at the crime scene.

Parents’ Home under Surveillance

After the Jeep was found, it was searched thoroughly, and military gear, 2 empty rifle cases, a black-hooded sweatshirt, camouflage face paint, a Pennsylvania Game Commission range permit and Frein’s Social Security card were found inside. While the police have been searching everywhere, 3 patrol cars from the State Police have been placed in front of Frein’s parents’ house.

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