Analysis: Antti Rinne fights for the coalition of economic hegemony and take the spd a couple of points to the left


Antti Rinne is the SDP left-wing chairman of the party in the years 1987-91 led Pertti Paasio after. As the prime minister of the Slope has stressed that his government has changed the Finnish economic policy direction.

Yle election machine (you move to another service) before the last parliamentary election in the spring of the Slope name of your political role model to Rafael Paasio and Olof Palme .

published Today Matti Mörttinen and Lauri Nurmi author Antti Rinne – the whole story -the book says that the slope of political thinking is dominated by the history of consciousness. He analyzes daily in everyday life, what political labor movement must do in order to succeed in the future.

Favorite board bottom view of yle’s election machine

the slope of the domestic model, Rafael Paasio (1903-80), led to the spd in the years 1963-75. He combines Väinö Tanner (1881-1966) presidency (1957-1963) divided the SDP and returned the socialists of the prime minister party in 1966.

the party leader Rafael Paasio line spd “a couple of points to the left”. This SDP in the internal debate in the often used definition describes well also the Slope brought about by the transformation of the SDP policy.

yle’s election machine in the slope of the responses were for the SDP in addition to closest to the greens, the left alliance, the centre, the communist party (the communist party of Finland) and Swedish people’s party candidates ‘ answers.

the Coalition find the comparison stage 14 and the finns place on the 19th, so the slope of the liking of the government, the base can be seen already in the last spring election machine answers to.

item types from the agrarian has been close to the labor movement in thinking, which has helped the welfare state construction. For the first time after the war, the center became the right wing of the party Juha Sipilä during the period, the Slope estimates Mörttinen and Grass in the book.

the Change began in spring 2014 party meeting

Antti Rinne – the whole story -in the book describes how the Slope in may 2014, the SDP chairman.

the Slope challenged the party leader and finance minister acted Jutta Urpilainen and defeat him Seinäjoki party meeting voted narrowly by a vote of 257-243.

the chairman of the race Slope and his supporters wanted to change the SDP economic policy line, which was considered to be accommodative too much of the coalition’s views. Urpilainen line disgruntled wanted the prime minister, who is not afraid to challenge the conservative economic hegemony.

Someone hell have to surrender to compete in the president, so the change was possible, the Slope describes the winter 2014 atmosphere.

Erkki tuomi ditch never came party leaders

the Slope was not in the spring of 2014 for the first time on the move the democrats the direction of the fight.

the Slope and at the end of the democrats are encouraging the SDP on the left for the favorite Erkki tuomioja to challenge Paavo Lipponen right-wing line of may 1999 party conference. Tuomioja dodge for a time race, when the social democrats won by a narrow margin in the parliamentary elections and She could continue as prime minister.

Three years later Tuomioja challenged Lipponen, but Specialised staff association (Erto) is president-elect of the Slope was taken on the trade union leadership role and he no longer lacked the party line disputes.

the Spring 2002 party conference the Slope voted in the end Lipponen.

the caucus representative Slope was the next time only ten years later in 2012, when he was also nominated as vice chairman, but support was still weak.

the slope of the political line: “the Poor allotment”

Jutta Urpilainen had risen to the SDP leadership in the spring of 2008. She pulled time apart the trade union movement and stressed that the SDP is not a SAK.

the Democrats stayed in the spring 2011 parliamentary elections the coalition party after the second and Urpilainen action Jyrki Katainen (ioc.) the government’s finance minister sparked a review of the SDP inside.

Antti Rinne had been in the 1999 parliamentary elections campaign id: “poor allotment”. 2010-in the early nineties he followed the SDP events in the party’s trade union committee and the economic policy working group.

– to Me it seemed that the party in the struggle with conservative but left-wing orientation and a liberal but a very right-wing trend, the Slope of the tell.

Antti Rinne, the third way appears in the government

the social democratic party’s internal struggle culminated in the Slope according to the economic policy and attitude towards the welfare state.

– Other group believed in the system and need to catch up on what had sometimes been created without seeing it, that the world is changing around them and should be reformed. The second outfit can be summed up in such a way that Jutta spoke of the welfare state thinning of the situation where unemployed and with low income, the number of people increased, the Slope of the summed up linjaero you.

the Slope, the campaign manager, the party and the trade union movement in many positions affected by Vesa Mauriala estimates that labor unions, acting demarin is ranked lipposlaisten right-wing socialists and the sentence ojala of left-wing socialists in between.

She understands the economic policy needs of the economy, but standing in social policy from the centre line of the left, Mauriala defines.

SDP:no internal torsion in the Slope, outlined the party’s own alternative, which would combine the welfare state honor returns and the value of liberal reform policies. This line can be seen to continue also the slope of the government’s program.

Antti Rinne – the whole story -the publisher of the book is Into the Cost.

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