Big shock: Here breaks she


Tears are rolling in this Sunday’s episode of ‘Ex on the Beach’, where two contestants must leave the program.

The emotive moment is when Tessie Skovly, Naja Hansen, Sarah Amalie Kristiansen and Kristian Sayre has picked up the new ‘Ex’ Jamie Eschen on the beach. Jamie and Sarah Amalie takes on a date, and when they last three to leave the beach, plinger the dreaded tablet.

With trembling hands reads Tessie the sad message up.

– It is time to say goodbye. Tessie and Naja, have seen the villa for the last time. Your adventure ends here, it sounds.

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And then you get the tears free rein.

– I really have no words right now. I have not, says Tessie, who, however, gets paid, that she regret that she did not reached to swipe his flirting, Daniel.

The two women are not allowed to even say goodbye to the other participants, which particularly hurts.

‘Ex on the Beach’ can be seen Sunday-Tuesday on Channel 4 and on the streaming service dplay.


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