Big triumph: the Danish racing talent is the best in Europe


So, it succeeded.

The championship, which has been the primary objective of the Danish king Frederik Vesti since the start of the season in the european F3 championship, was Sunday a reality.

Three races before the end of the at Monza in two weeks is Vesti now with the coveted trophy and the title. The title, which will open the big doors to the future.

With two wins and a fourth place in Italy took the championship in the house.

The first two races was without major challenges. From the pole position in the first race held Vesti location, until målflaget was given.

Closely pursued by David Schumacher managed to keep on the deck, which is one of the major challenges in relation to ensuring a highscore.

In the second run started the Vesti as the deuce, but took the start ahead of Schumacher, who had technical challenges. Because of the great battle behind, where it succeeded brazilian Fraga to keep the field behind him in the whole 11 minutes, ended up Vesti to win by over 14 seconds!!!

Sunday’s third race gave the Vesti fourth place, and without the same speed and stability of the car during Saturday’s race got the championship in the house.

“My life’s biggest day! Only those who have tried something similar, can understand how great it is here. Each and every time in 24 hours I am thinking about the race. When I actively preparing me. When I let up. When I recuperate. I love it over here too. Just think, I have been allowed to show what I could in a race car.”

“My manager has led me to this. She believed in me before anyone else. She showed me a standard that is higher than others. In my world we are a dream team, as my dad also calls us!! She created my strong personal team, which has moved me enormously,” says Frederik Vesti.

the Year’s final race is run at Monza on the 18th. 20. October.

But already Monday, the Vesti on the job again, when to run the simulator with his Italian team Prema Powerteam.


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