Bitcoin, fraud and pornography, The regulatory-ECHO


    International authorities to blow up the data volume, so far the largest Darknet-Ring for child pornography, thanks to Bitcoin. USA and Canada are thinking, meanwhile, about a digital Central Bank money and Wilshire, Phoenix tried to make a Bitcoin ETF through boxes. The regulatory-ECHO.

    By Phillip Horch
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    Welcome to the regulatory-ECHO.

    SE Digital: Thailand receives first ICO-Portal

    A doubtful success must be reported in Thailand. With the SE Digital the country to receive the first regulated exchange for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). While the controversial funding method, time Boom in the year of 2017, had the same with the last Bitcoin of their high phase, the people in this country already on the Security Token Offerings (STO), which are considered to be safer. In this difference the sometimes restrictive crypto-law of Thailand is reflected.

    CFTC covers Bitcoin-fraud in the millions on

    The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has uncovered a Bitcoin fraud in the millions. Of the independent US regulatory Agency was able to place the Circle Society the craft. The company should approximately have 11 million dollars scammed.

    Bitcoin-exchange-Coinbase receives E-Money license in Ireland

    Coinbase has managed to get an E-Money license in Ireland. So Coinbase is seeking to expand its business activities in the “Land of Green”. Coinbase CEO Zeeshan Feroz sees great opportunities:

    Europe represents a great opportunity for Coinbase, and today’s announcement is another positive step for us in the Region. The approval of the Central Bank of Ireland will enable us now, our Irish business to expand and our customers in some of our fastest growing markets and a better product to offer.

    Bitcoin ETF: So Wilshire wants US, the securities and exchange Commission convince

    New round, new luck: This Time, Wilshire Phoenix tries to, the U.S. securities and exchange Commission to convince them to approve a Bitcoin ETF. Your advantage: you can learn from the mistakes or shortcomings of their predecessors. Because the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published recently a report, by setting out in detail why they refused the Bitcoin ETF of Bitwise.

    Bitcoin: authorities take biggest Darknet-child-porn Ring

    On the 17. In October, we received the message that it is for the international authorities, succeeded in the by volume largest Darknet-Ring for child pornography to dig. Bitcoin played a signicant role in the positive and in the negative interpretation.

    United States and Canada to consider the digital Central Bank money

    While Facebook’s Libra until Friday, the 18th. October, the G7 was rejected, considering both the United States and Canada a digital Central Bank money. The idea behind this is, among other things, to work more effectively and to make the technological progress in the way.


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