Confirm to NRK: Viken Left vrakar Grande


on Sunday it was known that all the central executive committee and partileiinga in the Left set itself at the disposal of the party, and wish to continue in partileiinga.

But no confirm nestleiaren in the Creek Left, Trond Svandal, that they neither want the current leader, Trine Skei Grande, or the two nestleiarane, Ola Elvestuen and Terje Breivik will continue.

– This is innspel to a valkomite which we have great confidence. We have submitted a number of names of persons that we think can do a good job, from the toppleiing to sentralstyre. But we have not taken a position who should get the different positions, ” says Svandal to NRK.

NRK has earlier reported that the Sogn and Fjordane county, the Left has delivered a uprioritert list, with the name that should enter in partileiinga.

Now it verify by multiple sources that the Trine Skei Grande is not on the list.

Trine Skei Grande wish not to comment on the suit, and refers to yesterday’s press release where a total sentralstyre win all their dialogue will go directly with valkomiteen and not through the media.

deputy chairman Terje Breivik and member of parliament Abid Raja has in the past gone out and supported the Trine Skei Grande its further leiarskap.

Several Left groups will throw Grande – partileiaren provides not Need renewal

A number of sources says to NRK that the party needs renewal.

the Creek Left, which covers the current Buskerud, Akershus and Østfold, has recorded more than ten candidates to valkomiteen.

There is no doubt that both Trine Skei Grande and the rest of the toppleiinga has done a great job for the party over a long time. But we want the renewal, and after a debate internally in the fylkeslaget, we have now submitted our list, ” says Trond Svandal in the Creek Left.

Sources of NRK: Rotevatn, and Raja has no full support in their own fylkeslag How has the response to the Left changed?

the Graph shows the Vs profile at the national level from the last elections, and for 2019.

10 %5 %0 %1999200320072011201520194.4%3.8%5.9%6.3%5.5%3.88861%3,9 %municipal elections

Both Abid Raja, Sveinung Rotevatn and Guri Melby is among the candidates the Creek Left want to go into a central position in the party.

Abid Raja: – I is one of the strongest cards to Trine More will bytes out Grande

As the NRK report Sunday situation is that even though many in the party now, have pointed out both Sveinung Rotevatn and Abid Raja as the party’s new leader, missing them both full support in their own fylkeslag.

In the Young Left, Venstrekvinnelaget and Liberal Students they come with a clear recommendation that Sveinung Rotevatn should be the next partileiaren, and that Trine Skei Grande out.

Further knows (NRK) that the Hordaland Left open for to bytes out Grande with Abid Raja. Sogn and Fjordane Left has delivered a “flat” list, with the name that should enter in partileiinga, and Trine Skei Grande is not on the list.

Abid Raja and Trine Skei Grande after a debattsending at NRK in 2018.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

And VG have previously reported that the Troms and Finnmark, the Left also goes in for the pace of the game Trine Skei Grande as leader.

Per A. Thorbjørnsen, as chairman committee, has said that the first impression from his innspela so far is that they want renewal. There is a new meeting in valnemnda in the coming Friday.

Fylkesledere in the Left supports this measure to Abid Raja about “brown propaganda”


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