Curious: Many people fail to take this harmless math problem for fifth graders


In the office, there prevails utter boredom and longing for a change? Then try this math to crack the puzzles. Supposedly, only every Second one solves it right.

let’s be honest: How hard is a math can be a mystery that could have come from an activity book for fifth graders? Well, in Japan, the riddle went viral, as it became known, that almost half of all young adults failed on the first attempt. However, before you prejudge, you should dare to prefer themselves to the computing task.

math puzzles: Create’s first attempt to solve it?

At first glance, the math task, therefore, is quite simple, but the devil is in the Detail. Many adults overestimate their math skills, too self-indulgent. You too? Then they dare to try. Thus the task:


simple, right? If you’re mistaken…

And the solution:

is Whether you are with your earnings really are? Who knows. The right solution we will tell you here.
by the Way, many of the more challenging brain teasers you will find here on our puzzles page.

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