Dead wild boar at the island of Ærø is tested not for the feared pig disease


Seven dead wild boar is in a few days it washed ashore at the island of Ærø, but they are tested not for african swine fever.

Since Sunday, seven dead wild boar according to TV2 Fyn washed ashore at the island of Ærø.

The dead animals will be removed, but they tested not, if they have been sick of african swine fever.

– For should they be infected, would be registered swine fever in Denmark. And it would have consequences for the economy, says senior adviser Stig Mellergaard from the Danish veterinary and food administration to the German news portal spare travel.

Just african swine fever in recent months wracked in both Europe and Asia, with major economic consequences as a result.

Denmark has decided to build a fence along the victorian border to Germany in order to keep the wild boar out.

Stig Mellergaard says to the German media, that he did not previously have experienced so many dead pigs wash in the country at one time.

His theory is that the animals come from Germany or Poland.

– Probably they drowned while trying to cross a stream and so the flow was led over the Baltic sea to the island of Ærø, he says to the spare travel.

South of the border, there is a different practice with regard to test dead wild boar.

All dødfundne wild boar in the state of Schleswig-Holstein tested according to the spare travel.

– It is the main method to early to detect swine fever, says Joschka Touré, who is the spokesperson for the schleswig-holstein environment and ministry of agriculture, to the media.

It awakens the sense of wonder in the biologist Morten Elmeros, Aarhus University, the Danish authorities do not check the dead animals for african swine fever.

– It would be the only logical step is to get sure knowledge about vildsvinene and their diseases. But apparently they would rather live in uncertainty, says Morten Elmeros to spare travel.

If there is evidence of african swine fever in Denmark, it will have major implications for the agricultural industry.

All of the Danish exports of pigmeat to non-EU countries will, according to the Agriculture & Food close immediately as a result of an outbreak.

the Exports of Danish pigmeat to third countries represents 11 billion dollars annually.



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