Gay speaker of the AfD receives death threats


    The sentences are clear and tasteless, and the addressee takes it seriously. Mirko Welsch, 39, spokesman for the Association of homosexuals in the AfD, has filed a complaint with the police in Saarbrücken, because he has been threatened in several Mails.

    The letters were found last week in the mailbox of the politician, sent from addresses that are not assigned to any Person. The threats are posted in a martial language. That Welsch “ever his last will and Testament” to do, and is one of the cautious formulations. In the E-Mails also Welschs is threatened by companion life.

    triumph of the Right

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    Finn Rütten

    The journalist David Berger, an author of the right-wing weekly newspaper “Junge Freiheit”, first reported about the incident. Berger has published on his Blog a Screenshot of the Internet platform Indymedia, a Portal that is close to the Antifa.

    On the Screenshot to read the AfD-politician Welsch about to be executed because of his “right[n] incitement,” publicly executed. If the Indymedia Post is real, you can’t tell. Currently, the murder call on the page is not found.

    isolated Welsch in the national Association of

    Welsh told the star: “I will not be intimidated.” The state protection in Saarbrücken determined. In his state Association, the pregnant scandal and the country’s chef, Josef Dörr-dominated Saar-AfD, is Welsch isolated for some time, largely. Against him a party of exclusion to be running at the instigation of the national Executive procedure. This was, however, suspended until it is clarified, whether the Landesverband Saar itself will continue to exist.

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