Gent? Genk? Liverpool fans travelling to the wrong city


Imagine that you are taken to Belgium with a companion to watch your favorite team in the Champions League.

now, Imagine that you are taken to the wrong town, and is compelled to follow from the tv screen.

Precisely this scenario unfolded out of the two Liverpool fans, who 30 minutes before kickoff and found out that they had taken to the city of Ghent instead of Genk.

The report, among other Goal, and The Guardian.

As the two cities is well located 128 kilometres away from each other, there was no opportunity to reach and see with the English fans.

In total, the two fans used in the vicinity of 3300 dollars on tickets to the fight and to train there. Something of a price in order to follow a fight from a bar abroad.

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The toxic trio of Salah, Mané and Firmino were together again, which, of course, caused problems for the belgian defense with Joakim Mæhle right back. Photo: Francois Lenoir/Ritzau Scanpix

If it should be some consolation for the two fans, so have Gent, that the city they were taken to, offered them to attend their match against Wolfsburg on Thursday in the Europa League.

What you can see in the following tweet, where you can also see the fans sulk over their own mistakes.

Unfortunately, the two brits have already gone home, so they were not able to enjoy the belgian hospitality.

Liverpool took on no way back to the wrong address, for the klapsede Genk with the digits 1-4, among other things, thanks to Mohammed Salah, who was back in the squad after an injury break.

the match Itself will probably also be remembered for one of the Liverpool fans’ banners, which portray The Khmer Divock Origi on something raunchy show…

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In the coming weeks, it should not be the big problem for the club’s fans to find their way to the Liverpool matches.

Four of the next five is namely at home at Anfield, why there could be a chance that they could find their way.

on Sunday: the ailing Tottenham, however, comes to Merseyside with a solid 5-0 victory over Red Star Belgrade in the audience.

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