Hungary’s Prime Minister Orbán features Stoiber with the cross of merit – in the midst of growing tensions


in the Midst of the growing tensions between Hungary and the CSU’s Edmund Stoiber is on 7. November, with the Grand cross of merit of the Republic of Hungary, awarded by Viktor Orbán personally. Debates are guaranteed.

Munich – That-deserved politicians are awarded with medals, is Routine. This award is likely to provide for debate: The former Prime Minister and CSU boss Edmund Stoiber is on 7. November excellent in Budapest with the Great cross of merit of the Republic of Hungary and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán personally. Appreciated Stoiber’s merits should be the political and economic relationship between the two countries.

Hungary: Orban, Edmund Stoiber from the stands: “Always the diversity of Europe into account”

“Dr. Stoiber has made it abundantly contributed to the fact that Hungary and Bavaria, also today an intensive cooperation and close contacts”, – is spoken in the official statement, present our newspaper. The CSU politicians have taken into account the “diversity of Europe, which peoples with different historical developments at eye-height, and treated with understanding and, ultimately, to the reunification of Europe”.

Just this “diversity in Europe” was last seen in the debates. Repeatedly, the government in Budapest was in the criticism: The EU Parliament brought in a year ago, a procedure for violations of democratic and constitutional principles on the way.

criticism accolade by Edmund Stoiber by Hungary’s Prime Minister Orban

Despite the criticism, the CSU had always tried to maintain good relations, Orbán was several times at meetings of the party guest. However, since Markus Söder’s party and the free state, is cooled the friendship. This was particularly clear, as a CSU Deputy Manfred Weber in the EU-election campaign, said that it does not want to with the votes of Orbán’s Fidesz party to the EU Commission chief will allow you to choose. Later, the Hungarian prevented together with the President of France, Macron Weber’s appeal to the President of the Commission. Weber’s Comments were an “insult to the Hungarian people,” growled Orbán.

all The more symbolic the award Stoiber’s is now. The 30 plays. Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, a role that has contributed to the Hungary with the opening of the border. Stoiber, on the invitation of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation already in Budapest, to hold a lecture on the topic. The Wolfratshauser was also the day the Berlin wall fell in 1989, in Hungary, at the time, as the Bavarian Minister of the interior. In times before the Internet there was not all of the developments in the world immediately. Later, in any case, Stoiber reported that the Hungarian construction Minister, welcomed with the words: “I’m surprised you come on this day.” The Bayer of Hungary, what was to happen in Berlin learned.

Also Stoiber has given Orbán’s already a price. During his first term in office, the Hungarian, in 2001, received the Franz-Josef-Strauss-price. In 2015, the SPD called on the CSU to Orbán, the price to be rescinded, but to no avail.


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