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    What exactly is a kernel? The question raised by the christian democrat party secretary, Peter Kullgren (DN, 2/10). With the skattefinansieringen of the SVT and in SR, the tapering of the mission, say the christian democrats. By the scale of the krimskramset” and to focus on its core business to public service to be strengthened. A broad of entertainment, should be left to other people.

    Peter Kullgren has good points about both the need for efficiency gains and smarter content. However, his reasoning is based on a fallacy.

    It was with this kernel.

    in the SR and SVT’s mission is to broadcast radio and television into public service. Additional emphasis is given to the ”guardian of the strands of the programme that are of relevance to the public interest”. That is: to reach out to the common people. It’s not me who claims this, Lena Adelsohn-Liljeroth minister: , the former culture minister and a member of the current broadcasting licence, which expires at the end of the year.

    By touting the elimination, and the division of SR and SVT, in many ways, the last thing we have left.

    it Might have been the minister of culture, listened to the Alliansregeringens development. In addition to the christian democrats the leader of the Göran Hägglund , and consisted, among other things, by Lars Trägårdh , a professor and tillitsforskare. He likes to point out that the three institutions have been a key part of the social cohesion in Sweden, the compulsory national service, a joint school and public services.

    It is our common campfire, the places in which we learn that the world is bigger than the living room, and a cell phone screen. After touting the elimination, and the division of SR and SVT, in many ways, the last thing we have left.

    it is Believed that they are necessary, it would be devastating to the cut-wide entertainment of the public service. It is through the use of an institution – for example, watching television programmes, the broadcasting – of which the trust is created. Therefore, the scope of the study is crucial.

    the Problem, then, is not that of the news media to a wide range of. The eurovision song contest, to take an obvious example, is so successful that the format has not only established a european school, but also are exported to the united states. The problem is, rather, that a lot of the entertainment is too narrow – some of the P3 program, appears, today, to have an intended audience, which is barely outside of the editorial board of, let us say, Philip: and Fredrik , the production company Nexiko. < / span> < / span>

    Johan Wirfält, as a writer, and debattchef at the Kulturhuset city theatre in Stockholm, sweden.

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