Karsten Ree sacrificed even his dog: – It was a tough game


It cost a fortune, as Janni Ree sent for a veterinarian should kill her dog, Coco, in Thursday night’s special forces arrive at the ‘Forsidefruer’.

6000 crowns she had of with to have sent his beloved dog off to the eternal hundemarker in comfortable, homely surroundings.

Forsidefruens man, Karsten Ree, had offered her to do it for free and put the old, poor doggie with a cartridge. He has done that before with one of his own dogs, according to the program.

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to Ekstra Bladet confirms Karsten Ree, that he himself has been responsible for the killing of his dog.

– The bed the wrong and could not be here any more, he says.

Janni Ree didn’t want Karstens using to say goodbye to Coco. Photo: Linda Johansen
It many years ago, Karsten Ree shot her German shepherd, but he believes still to this day, that you should be able to euthanize its animals.

– Anyone who issues a death penalty should even be able to execute it, he says, and tells that it was back in september 1993, that he had to make the decision that his dog is not supposed to be here any more.

It was, indeed, happy and sweet, but it came from a strange home, and had had a difficult upbringing. To start with, I used it to keep guard at the submarine, I had been raised by Anholt. When it was over, I took it home, and I got to keep it, says Karsten Ree.

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the Dog managed to bite both Karsten Ree and his erstwhile mother-in-law, before he decided that its time had come.

– The bed me first. Perched on the harbour scolded I some out, that drove completely crazy. Because of the somewhat agitated situation bed the – unfortunately the wrong one, for it was me, it went beyond, he laughs and continues.

– My mother-in-law was on the way to the loo, as the bed her in the ass. It laughed, I like very much, says Karsten Ree, who in turn did not appear, that the dog’s reaction to his middle son’s birth was pretty funny.

– Since we came home with him from the hospital and asked the lift on the table, walked the dog round and round with such a strange expression in the eyes. It was simply jealous. I would never be able to forgive myself if something had happened. So, I went down on the beach and killed it, he says.

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Karsten Ree is not usually a man who shows great emotion, but farvellet to the dog was still harsh.

It was a tough game. I had come to keep of it, and it was very happy for me, so I shed a little tear. The could not do, that it was a little weird, he says.

After Janni Ree got killed Coco, there is only one dog left on the Vedbæklund, where Ree-the couple lives. It is mopsen Cobra, which is primarily Janni Rees dog.

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