Laboratory investigation of food watch: mineral oil traces in baby milk powder


The consumer organization has demonstrated, through laboratory tests, and residues in infant milk. You are possibly carcinogenic.

These products are according to food watch, with the materials charged photo: Foodwatch

BERLIN taz | In several milk powder products for infants by the consumer organisation Foodwatch commissioned laboratories residues have been found potentially carcinogenic mineral oils. Three out of four in Germany, purchased items contaminants were substances with aromatic hydrocarbons (MOAH) was detected, informed the Association on Thursday. It goes to values between 0.5 and 3 milligrams per Kilo. “Infants do not become immediately sick, but over the long term damage cannot be ruled out,” said a food watch-the speaker of the taz.

He has called for an immediate stop sale and recall the affected products in Germany and Austria. Parents should not feed it to children as a precautionary measure, with the affected products, it said. According to Foodwatch, the residues in the “Beba Optipro Pre, 800 g have been found from birth,” and “Beba Optipro 1, 800 g, from birth,” of Nestlé, in addition, in the “Novalac infant milk formula Pre, 400g”.

The European food safety authority describes the “aromatic mineral oils” as a potentially carcinogenic and mutagenic. In addition to machines for harvesting and processing the packaging can be the reason for the oil contamination. So, for example, packaging made from recycled paper often contain mineral oils from the printing inks can migrate into the food.

“It cannot be ruled out that the MOAH-a mixture of substances, the health damage it can cause,” said the Federal Institute for risk assessment, the taz. Therefore, you should take as little as possible of these substances to the authority. Food watch suspected in the current case, that the tin cans in which some manufacturers offer you milk powder, could be a source of contamination.

Nestlé made a request of the taz’s opinion to the editorial deadline unanswered. The behind Novalac-standing company Vived announced that it was examining the allegations.

Federal food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) demanded a solution on the EU level. The Ministry is just a draft regulation that certain packages would need to be sure. Food watch replied that the draft related only to paper packaging and years old. Klöckner could today set at the national level, food may not be aromatic mineral oils charged.

food Association in Germany stated that, in General, it is conditional a zero tolerance for mineral Oil hydrocarbons and similar substances “also due to the environment and, consequently, unavoidable basic load hardly” could be. From today’s point of view, this is also a major health problem. The food industry, but working continuously to reduce the entry to contribute.


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