Machine silent thyssenkrupp’s elevator business, buying intentions – managing to keep the combination to the ideal


the machine of the interim results in the release there is little seeped to the new information of the German thyssenkrupp’s elevator business, buying intentions.

president and Ceo Henrik Ehrnrooth mainly contented himself with a recap on the company’s already tell.

I can’t do it more open to the situation and I don’t want to speculate what can happen, Ehrnrooth said.

the Plane possible hynttyiden put together to see any positive alternative.

“Interesting opportunity”

– it is Believed that thyssenkrupp’s elevator business and the Machine are the ideal combination. Our blanket is different than that of their quilt. They are strong in South America, North America, we are again strong in Asia.

and when can we hear more of the possible movement of the Machine and thyssenkrupp in between?

– should maybe ask for thyssenkrupp from, they are responsible for the project. They have many options: a public listing or sale of any of the parties, and, of course, we’ve said that we’re interested in. We believe that it is a very interesting possibility to the Plane, This design is.


on the other Hand, he stresses that the Machine did anyway.

We’re in good shape, we’ll do very well alone, too.

and what would be the possible arrangement, the effects of companies ‘ employees in Finland.

We bought already some years ago, thyssenkrupp’s business in Finland, when they sold it. I believe that this country would be less affected than some other country, look at Ehrnrooth.

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