Microsoft is steep: Soon, the first Windows 10 for 2021 as a test version


    What will be offered in the future Windows 10, you can track very well in the Windows Insider program. Currently, Microsoft maintains four rings for different versions of Windows 10. In the Release Preview, Ring on you can get already today, the November Update. How to do this, we describe in this contribution in Detail. In the Almost-Ring Microsoft gives a look at the Version 20H1, so Windows 10 in the spring of 2020. Windows 10 20H1 will soon also be offered on the Slow Ring, as Microsoft tells here. The exciting question is how it goes in the Skip Ahead Ring. Windows 10 test version: Windows Insider Program, Download the evaluation Windows Insider Program Chip rating Very good Microsoft gives exciting insights into the next Version of Windows. About the Windows Insider Program you can get all the Downloads. To Download New strategy for Windows Updates? In the Skip Ahead Ring is expected soon, the first Version of Windows 10 for 2021. In 2019, although there are also two new versions of Windows 10, but only the spring Update really brings a lot of novelties and is a real working Update. Windows 10, 1909, by contrast, is more of a Service-Pack, with small new features. After there was speculation that the fall Update in 2019, could even fail, Microsoft has been behind the strategy of two Updates per year. It could, however, run in such a way that the spring is always a function Update is coming, and in the autumn of a Service Pack.This speculation would not fit, it goes to the Windows 10 20H1 with Windows 10 20H2 for Windows Insider, but with Windows 10 21H1. In the Skip Ahead Ring (setting “Skip”) could Microsoft publish so soon, the first Windows Builds to be in 2021 as finished Code to be distributed. Windows 10 20H2 before would, however, first on the outside. Before Windows 10X and new Microsoft Edge will Also be ready soon, Microsoft will be the Edge on a Chromium base. Windows 10 21H1 way to go for most users, but still quite far. Earlier, in any case, the new Microsoft Edge Browser on Chromium-based is. Previews of the stable Version circulating for some time, Microsoft is planning, but the Integration into Windows until Windows 10 20H1. Then the new Edge would replace the old. Who installed him self, this detachment practically manually.Also for 2020 Windows 10X, Microsoft’s special version of Windows 10 for devices with two Displays, or faltbild screen is aiming for. With the completion of Windows 10X is already calculated in the framework of the spring Updates in 2020. The first devices to come until the end of 2020. Download: Edge Chromium – Stable-Download -review Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) Stable 78.0 Chip rating Good The new Edge Microsoft Browser on Chromium-based there is in a first stable Version to Download. To Download the author’s opinion of Joerg Geiger

    Joerg Geiger


    Less functional update please

    It is entirely sufficient, once-a-year working to bring the Update to Windows 10. Microsoft should follow the strategy of 2019, that would be a good thing. Whether it’s really worth it to put 2019 on a Windows Build for 2021, one may doubt. Many of the innovations you can try out in the next year. Exciting a first look at the new Microsoft Edge Browser with Chromium’s base is safe here.


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