New rules creates passkaos: – the Influx has been enormous, much larger than expected


In these days, there are many who are contacted by their bank, and are asked to come by and identify themselves.

That in itself is not something new, but that the bank now saves a copy of your passport, there are several who have responded.

The new rules have done that in the fall, which is usually a quiet period on the passkontorene, have been high season.

We were prepared that it was going to get a part customers throughout the fall as needed your passport to the bank id, but that influx would be so great, we were not prepared. This is normally a low season, but has now become a high season, just like the middle of summer.

in Particular is a challenge big by passkontorene in Lofoten, Vesterålen and Ofoten.

– It is partly due to the fact bemanningsutfordringer, but it is due first and foremost that influx has been so huge much bigger than we expected.

– We try to take away as quickly as possible, but it will necessarily take some time before we have managed to bring in all who stand in the queue, ” says Kløkstad.

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It pays to set aside plenty of time if you are going to have you again on the pass. When NRK checked the capacity, there were several places where there was not idle time before December or January. Here we see the next available time at Bodø police station.

Photo: FACSIMILE / POLICE – We must just grumble

the Police are working to find solutions, but the new ID requirements in the banks has meant that many more than normal have a need for a new passport.

– We must just apologise for the situation that has arisen. We are now working to find solutions, both short and slightly longer term to ensure that people within a reasonable time to be able to obtain a passport, ” says visepolitimesteren.

the Increase throughout the country

NRK get confirmed from the police in Agder that the challenge with increased demand comes from them also.

– Sammenliger we september in the year with september this year, we have had an increase of 44 per cent of customers who will have the new passport, ” says the head of the department of management at Agder police district, Tom Eklund.

He adds that the increase has been 25 per cent.

Understand that people respond

NRK has been contacted by customers in SpareBank1 Nord-Norge as has responded that the bank will have a copy of the passport their.

According to Ole Anders Ulsrud of the Norwegian centre for informasjonssikring, it is for our own safety that the requirements for the identification change.

you don’t pass, you do not access the bank id. There are several that respond to.

Photo: Per Håkon Solberg

He is working with identity theft and fraud.

We have received many inquiries about exactly this, and I understand their scepticism. But this is probably something the banks are doing in the best opinion to ensure their own customers against fraud.

Ulsrud believe, however, that there should be another way to ensure us consumers against fraud.

– should the released to store a passport size photo physically on the way. But for the moment there is no alternative, and in the absence of anything else, I think that this is a good measure.

Ole Anders Ulsrud in NorSIS believe that it should have been better solutions on the new rules

Photo: NorSis

He still show to other examples from the real world, where we are accustomed to deliver from us the same information.

For example, that you often have to deliver up their passport at hotels abroad, or when you book via Airbnb.


But it is not the bank itself that has made the new rules.

the Law requires us to have an approved copy of the identification, says communications manager at SpareBank1 Nord-Norge, Stein Vidar Loftås.

Loftås says there is no requirement for the storage of passbildet to create a bank account. But one must have it in order to use the bank id, which many are depending on in the day.

like with Ulsrud realize that people react.

I understand if it is a manifestation of healthy skepticism, it’s a good thing. But we as the bank are required to comply with the law.

head of communication at SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge Stein Vidar Loftås realize that people react to the new rules

Photo: Petter Power / NRK

Loftås is still clear in his case when it comes to what they do with the passport information.

– This information, the customer has entrusted us to, and we cannot share it further if that’s what people fear, ” says Loftås.

He encourages and customers who have problems to identify themselves by providing the pass, to make contact with them.


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