No time to waste: Realitydeltagere go sex-crazy


In the evening there is end in ‘Ex on the Beach’, and it gets more of the pairs to be wild in the heat and throw themselves at each other in the villa’s bedrooms.

One of the few that going for it, are Daniel and Tessie.

ever since Daniel arrived at the reaching for the luxury villa in Greece, Tessie had a good eye to him, and, therefore, celebrated the also the last evening in ‘Ex on the Beach’ by jumping in the bed in the suite.

– I’m ready. I have insanely much like Daniel right now. I’m on the top, I’m ready, and there is not any doubt, what we do, ” says Tessie with a laugh to the camera, while watching the pair lie and the coziness of the bed.

But their plans to have sex, however, is far from painless. Daniel has problems with his private parts.

– We have a few technical problems. We have problems to hoist the flag, says Tessie with a laugh to the camera.

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– Neeeeej. This happens, just not now. It makes it just not, she continues and says with ærgelse addressed to Daniel:

– Last evening and then you can’t.

Tessie have sex with Daniel in tonight’s edition of ‘Ex on the Beach’. Photo: Janus Nielsen

After a few attempts they get, however, walk in cases.

– The works. This must be the best night I have had in the suite until now. I share my night with Daniel, and I am so happy. I would not end my ‘Ex on the Beach’-the adventure of with anyone other than Daniel. It lives fully up to my expectations, ” says Tessie with a smile on their excesses.

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Daniel and Tessie is not the only couple in the villa, taking their relationship all the way in Tuesday’s section.

Jeppe and Sidsel going for it.

– The violence is nice to go to bed together with Sidsel, says Robert with a grin to the camera.

– Jeppe and I get enjoyed us a little bit under the sheets, so it’s great, it sounds far from Sidsel.

‘Ex on the Beach’ will be displayed Sunday-Tuesday on Channel 4 and on the streaming service dplay.


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