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Thieves have taken into the garasjar, bows, loft and kjellarar looking for tjuvegods. Out of doors rullar tjuvane tires for thousands of dollars.

– Many theft have occurred in the area around Bergen, but also other places in the county of Hordaland, which may indicate that it is mobile vinningskriminelle, write Police nettpatrulje West on Facebook.

Tjuvane is moving, something that makes that you should check about covered your still where you saved them last.

Thursday was the two men pågripne and varetektsfengsla in Bergen. Still call the West police district all to keep an extra eye with both felgar and deck.

Lock your garage or on an outside light, the victory Rune Fimreite, fagleiar in the Police nettpatrulje.

Weaver away deck

Dekkforhandlar Førde Vulk had experience thieves as supplied with the deck for hundreds of thousands of dollars right before the end of the year. The general manager has clear advice for those who want to recover from dekktjuvar.

– Many people have saved covered well visible in garasjane their. It is instantly made to get one deck or several, so people do want to lock them inside, ” says Ståle Kvammen.

Over 20 truck tires was the weaver away in the middle of the night. The in Brought has made several measures for the same not to happen again.

– We have, among other things, gjerda inside a part of the outdoor area, our victory Kvammen.

EXPENSIVE: Dekktjuveri cost Førde Vulk and general manager Ståle Kvammen expensive in December of last year.

Photo: Ingvild Eide / NRK – Look at price

We are in one of the travlaste the times for the dekkbyte. Should you buy new tires, then you should keep you away from the junk selling, åtvarar the police.

– Be especially aware certain the prices of these goods or services is much less expensive than that which is common, write the police on Facebook.

They have clear tips for you to buy new tires.

– always Ask the receipt and pay often with credit cards, and this makes it more difficult to drive with the black work.

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