Porsche driver wants to sell new E-Hybrid car again: justification is surpassed in honesty hard to


A motorist wants to sell his new Porsche quickly. At the time of sale display he calls the reason – and it is hard to beat in honesty hardly.

A for sale ad in the category of: “you Can do” is making the rounds today on the net. Actually, it is the photo of a simple car sale ad from an English magazine. However, the display is written so honestly that it provides for many Internet users for a Smile and a thumbs up.

the image of the Facebook page “curiosities from the press review”, which carries all sorts of curiosities from Print, such as Online news was Disseminated. In this case, the sale of display of an English-speaking car owner, or owner. It is not clear from the display, unfortunately. For the sake of simplicity, we will call him the seller.

Porsche driver wants to sell E-Hybrid: Krasser loss of value

nevertheless, the facts: The seller wants to sell his Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid, and offers the vehicle with a photo for 104.680 Euro in a newspaper. In addition, it indicates that the car is only at 30. August 2019 bought had been. Thus, there may have been a maximum of nearly two months in his possession. The mileage of 2901 miles suggests that the car was not used. As he begins the ad with the Headline “Porsche to 2019”, one could assume that it is the new E-Hybrid-series of the Porsche Cayenne, which is as of 172.000 euros.

Porsche driver wants to sell E-Hybrid: The rationale

Therefore, the car is sold after not even two months with a regular value of loss. This is likely to make some buyers suspicious. However, the seller is called in the display not only the data, but also savory in the open, why he wants to separate himself from the good piece: “The car is too fast”, is the first amazing record. But that’s still not enough. The seller is not to blame for the failure of the Liaison only to the Porsche, but is also self-critical: “I’m too old and too nervous,” he writes in the for sale ad.

display The image on the Facebook page for plenty of cheeky comments and amused Emojis. Whether it is a real ad, it would be hard to verify. However, even if it is a Fake, could be the action many people think.

another Porsche driver, however, provided quite a stir because he went on the highway very aggressive to the point. In retrospect, he explained why.



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