Sarah Grunewald speaks out on divorce: Have kissed a new


the Tv host Sarah Grünewald could in February confirm that she and the spouse Rasmus Backhaus had chosen to divorce.

That love is not kept, was something they themselves confirmed on Instagram, but also with the desire to guard privacy. Now commenting she even divorce, which took hard on her, and that led to a knot in the stomach when she had to tell her former husband that she had begun to kiss at a new.

the Chemistry has been good between them, and they chose to continue as friends. Among other things, because together they have a son Luis.

I can feel that a divorce also involves a collaboration, and there are many things in here to be friends. Friends must be honest, and when you walk from each other, and one is young as we are, so you meet new acquaintances. Dare you to say it?, ask 35-year-old Sarah Grünewald in the podcast ‘Fårking father’, which has Mattias Hundebøll as the host.

the Discomfort was feeling, Sarah Grünewald had in the body, since the conversation was taken.

Life is fortunately, however, a strange thing sometimes, and even though she and Rasmus not longer form a couple, so he took it actually quite nicely, as she told me that she had kissed with a new man.

In the podcast tells Sarah Grünewald, she got a knot in the stomach’ that there was something she could not share with Rasmus Backhaus.

After having taken courage, she said it.

– There we have had some processes where I have had to take the run-up to simply put me down and say, ‘try to hear here. I’ve actually kissed this guy, which was actually very sweet. It was so also, but how are you with it’, she explains, and adds on the reaction.

– To get the reaction, he says ‘how nice that you go out and get some love. It is nice that there is one who kisses you and think you are lovely, for it is you’.

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this is not to say that the breach has been easy for the former model, it has not been. The host of the podcast, Mattias Hundebøll, will know how it was to come to the realization that the relationship was over. And here is the answer:

– the Acknowledgement is located on the top of a mountain which you have climbed with enormous number of reflections, frustrations and upset-of-it-ness, it has been really hard to put it frankly. It has been incredibly sorrowful, and I have wept as I never wept before, she says and continues.

– I have cried from my innermost, innermost bone of the man, which I really, really love. When I met David, I was not one second in doubt that he was the man in my life, and that he was the man, I would have a child with, for he was clearly the most beautiful human being I’ve ever met.

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the Pair went from each other already in september last year, although it first came to the public for pennies-a-half years later. Today, they cooperate around their son, and they have also been on holiday together – without child. Although love is not kept, she is glad that friendship has been able to pass.

It makes me still the luckiest woman in Denmark, that I have a child with him, she says.

The now ex-couple were married in 2014. Ekstra Bladet has tried in vain to get a comment from Sarah Grünewald, a text announces that she does not want to comment.


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