Shortly after the shock-the Moment in S-Bahn: storm dome-man marching armed in the tavern


In a Munich S-Bahn on Wednesday, a man with a Balaclava and a knife for riot, however, remained on the loose. Only shortly after, he marched, armed in a tavern.

Update 25. October, 11.27 PM: The 49-year-old Wolfratshauser, the, masked with a Balaclava and armed with a knife, on Wednesday evening in the S7 fear and terror had spread (we reported) has only provided a few hours after the incident again caused a stir. A Patrol took the man into custody and took him to a specialist clinic.

To the turmoil in the Munich S-Bahn: storm dome-offenders Ex-employers

The 49-Year-old, was involved, according to police since August in two-body injury and three narcotics offences, threatened went on Thursday around 12.30 PM to a restaurant on the motorway in Egling. There, he worked after investigation by the police earlier. “In the hands of a Golf club holding he demanded alleged outstanding salary payments,” says chief Commissioner Steffen Frühauf.

The appearance of the man was very threatening, the guest house employees deposed an emergency call. By means of two strips, the situation could be calmed quickly, the officials took the Aggressor into custody.

To the turmoil in S-Bahn: storm dome-man must in clinic display threatens

The 49-Year-old has now is likely to have significant consequences. Fruehauf: “As it turned out, was stolen from the Golf club, with which he hit the floor in the tavern, and in his pants pockets, and a small amount of marijuana was.” The fear was that the Wolfratshauser could again be other people to be dangerous, he was brought after consultation with the district office by the police in a specialist clinic.

Against the 49-Year-old is now determined due to theft, and a misdemeanor under the narcotics act. Since the wage claim was proven to be unfounded, he must answer, also, because of extortion. “The legislature provides for here, in analogy to robbery is a sentence of imprisonment of at least six months,” explained Commissioner Frühauf.

storm dome-the perpetrators of the Munich S-Bahn: You didn’t consider him a threat

After the man had taken care of on Wednesday evening in the S7 from Munich to Wolfratshausen for a riot, refused Years of the police as reported on the arrest of 49 -. The reason: there is no serious threat from the go apparently. The officials left it in a display because of excitation of public unrest. The Wolfratshauser had given to the Protocol to be treatment for psychological problems.

Update 13.39 at: After the moment of Fright in the S7 direction Wolfratshausen on the eve, there are now more Details about the incident.

So wolf ratshausens Deputy police chief Steffen Frühauf reported that the Situation for the police was extremely unclear. “We did not know exactly whether the man was dropped out in Wolfratshausen or Icking.” The Federal and state police moved in to search the Unknown.

Munich: scary moment in the S-Bahn – offenders in Wolfratshausen known

were a Total of five stripes and a dog handler on the spot. Due to witness reports, the police were able to identify the Suspect finally. “We found the man at home,” says Frühauf. He had become in the past few weeks, regularly striking.

Since August, the 49-Year-old was involved according to the police, in a two-body injury and three narcotics offences. “Several times we have gotten calls because he was with his Balaclava on-the-go,” says Frühauf. An eye witness reported to the police by two encounters with the Masked man. In the Isar-loisach stadium in Wolfratshausen, he incited once again with a storm hood to reveal a few weeks ago a loud argument.

With a Balaclava in the Munich S-Bahn: the perpetrator is a mentally unstable

last weekend, the man with the mask was the Zeppelin Bar in the commercial area of the negative. All cases were, however lightly, the Aggressor withdrew after a few insults. Also, his threat in the S-Bahn to let the mentally unstable man’s actions do not follow. “That no more serious criminal Offence has been committed is one thing,” says Frühauf.

seen in Purely legal terms, is not prohibited from disguising. Only on demonstrations and meetings, as well as in road transport, a Balaclava is taboo. “With a mask you can make to his fellow man, but a great fear”, the Deputy to bear in mind the chief of police, as on Wednesday evening in the S-Bahn.

The police according to early on words with the health Department in connection. The authority should consider whether the Wolfratshauser to be housed in psychiatric care.

first message from 8.10 PM: Wolfratshausen – In a S-Bahn line S7 from Munich to Wolfratshausen and the passengers had to cope with on Wednesday night, a shock moment. A man, masked by a Balaclava and a thick scarf, stood in the S-Bahn.

According to witnesses, he had a knife and threatened that “in 50 minutes, no one will laugh anymore”. Disturbed passengers made secret recordings of the man. In addition, the police have been notified.

Munich S-Bahn: man with a storm hood keeps the excitement – Wolfratshausen

The forces were able to take the man finally identified. The 49-Year-old appeared confused and claimed to be due to mental health problems in treatment. Also the Carrying of a pocket knife, he confessed.

+ This man caused in the S7 from Munich to Wolfratshausen yesterday for riot.©Screenshot of the Facebook

There appears to be no serious threat from the man was to be expected, it was decided not to arrest. The Federal police gave the all-clear. The man now has to reckon, however, with a display because of excitation of public unrest.


commuters had to bring on Wednesday in Munich a lot of patience. A positioner fault on the U6 line, made a U-Bahn-Chaos. This is now the norm?


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