Six interesting thing on Sunday night: the åland islands the richest man in the road to be a millionaire and the man explained where


“in Between to press the chest so hard that it is difficult to breathe” – Jari intends to die on his birthday but chose not to, commemorate the missed photo

All was seemingly well. Family, two children and a steady job. Jari Nieminen depression crept secretly and without question. He decided life deadline: birthday in September 2017. Before that Nieminen decided to try one last time. The idea was born form the image. Now Nieminen and photographer Vesa Tyni break the shape of the images and their connected stories taboo mental health problems.

Luca Ragazzi (left) and Gustav Hofer is known in Italy, the equality of the relevant movies.Marco bruno your

“Everything revolves around the penis” – the film director, you explained why the inequality rampant in Italy

Luca Ragazzin and Gustav Hofer says men must change, so that equality can be achieved. Documentary film away from the dick tatorship – Macho Made in Italy Ragazzi and Hofer circulating in Italy, interviewing, inter alia, writers, scientists, politicians, doctors, high school students and families. They try to understand where inequality in Italy fundamentally, due.

reporter went to a week-long test during the gym in addition to walking and running loops.Antro Light / Yle

reporter to test your fitness meter and got hooked in less than a week – then I found out, that it or any similar device unimittaus measure sleep

Yle reporter decided to do a week-long test, where he used a fitness gauge, day and night. The purpose was, inter alia, to measure the quality of sleep. It turned out that the movement detection is based on measurement contains inaccuracies: the researcher, according to many in the market have the fitness meter evaluates the sleep time overestimated.

the commercial counsellor Anders Wiklöfin summer residence Andersudden holds a major art collection.Yle/Robert Jansson

åland’s richest man Anders Wiklöf continued business over the seven-year old to even know that I don’t get the money according to the tomb behind the

it’s been a long time since åland Anders Wiklöf started out empty-handed car dealer in the 1970s. After Wiklöf has created for himself tenacious in trying millions of property, but how? Anders Wiklöf writes in his book ascension workers son of a millionaire.

Although the site still looks unfinished, Triple the shopping centre’s grand opening is celebrated in October.Antti Kolppo / Yle

Pasila Triplasta become incredibly large box, which is compared to East Berlin and Kouvola architecture – “what is being built, a reflection of society’s values”

Helsinki pasila to fast completed the Triple has moved to the Helsinki city images from many different directions. For many years the same remained, the classic helsinki landscape has been updated. Triple massive essence is agitated. For its size, but also the outer shape because of it. Case, we let out loud architecture students, who believe that urban architecture should be discussed more openly.

Sarah edge, my Primeval, Yle

Sarah Edge column: Concepts will help to change the world, therefore a man explaining speaking is not in vain in the smoke

As the feminist concepts still continue to feel part of the difficult, to explain to Sarah Burr in his column one more time, where is the man explaining is all about. This column can also listen.

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