State Parliament election in Thuringia, 2019: absentee ballot request – until when is it still possible?


Also in the Landtag elections in 2019 in Thuringia absentee ballot is possible, but what happens when one submits the documents on time?

Already weeks before the actual election you can conduct the postal ballot. Shortly before the balance sheet date there is, however, scarce: experts recommend which postal ballot papers at least three working days before the election, to ensure that the documents actually reach.

But even if this is not done, there is still to choose options.

deadlines for absentee voting: by when is to choose by Post possible?

it is Recommended that the election documents no later than on the third working day before the election in the letter-box. So you can be quite sure that the choice of mail arrives in a timely manner in the municipality. However, the choice of documents must not necessarily Post their way into the polling station to find.

Too late for absentee ballot: election documents to compile

In every city or town there is an authority in the state elections in Thuringia for the postal ballot is responsible. In the postal ballot documents, you can find the address of the letter-box, in the you your completed documents can interject. So if you have missed the deadline to send the documents by post, you can throw the election documents easily in the letter box. At the latest at 18 o’clock on election Sunday that is possible! Because it is only important that your ballot arrives in the right place.

state Parliament election of Thuringia: absentee ballot request – but until when?

On 27. October 2019 state election in Thuringia. If you want to choose, you have two options: Either you go on election Sunday in person to the polling place or vote in advance by absentee ballot.

postal voting for the state Parliament election in Thuringia is, if you are unable to attend on the day itself. In order to apply for an absentee ballot, you have three options, which we explain in the Following for you.

state Parliament election of Thuringia, 2019: The postal application to vote by mail

the postal ballot documents with the Post. For this, you fill out the application, you will receive the right to vote. Make sure that the information is completely filled out and that your signature is present. Send the filled-in ballot application, then Mail to the municipality. Your request for the absentee ballot no later than on 25. October 2019 in the municipality.

state Parliament election of Thuringia: the postal ballot documents personally

you get the choice of the letter documents in their municipality. To do this, you need to identify yourself, either with identity card or passport, to obtain your records. There you can also choose the same. Please note the opening Hours of the elective offices.

Online choice of Thuringia is to request the state legislature is also possible

the letter choice can-under documents on the Internet request: you get the polling card and postal ballot documents by Mail. A telephone application is not possible.

state Parliament election of Thuringia: How to fill in the documents correctly?

postal voting documents to contain a ballot, a ballot and a green and a red envelope.

The ballot you fill out by putting two crosses, a first vote (on the left), and a second vote (on the right). In more detail, we explain here how to fill out the ballot correctly. The completed ballot paper in the green envelope. Then you fill out the ballot. Signature, place and date not forget. The green envelope that comes together with the polling card in the red envelope. This now needs to be thrown in the letter box. A franking is not necessary – unless you are abroad.

deadlines for absentee ballot Thüringen

not later than 27. October 2019 must be arrived the postal ballot papers in the municipality.

The Deutsche Post has submitted ballot letters will only be transported on weekdays, and the election authority has delivered. On election Sunday itself, there is no delivery of ballot letters.

polling place is not accessible? Absentee ballot use of, or other polling request

Also, people with disabilities and people with reduced mobility must, of course, if you are generally entitled to vote in the state election in Thuringia choose. But what if you need to cast your vote in a non-accessible polling place?

In this case, it is possible to apply for a ballot. With this bill Affected can go to a barrier-free polling station in the electoral area or by postal ballot at the state election in Thuringia in 2019 to participate.

letter choice is becoming more and more popular – also in Thuringia

The popularity of postal voting is increasing, also in the free state of Thuringia. For comparison: In Thuringia and 12.2 per cent of the election took advantage of voters in the European election postal vote five years ago it was 8.8 percent.

state Parliament election of Thuringia, to Whom you should choose?

For a General comparison of the parties offers once again a well-known and popular choice of helpers. The Wahl-O-Mat Thuringia in front of the choice, free of charge, online. In addition, we report on an ongoing basis, the state election in Thuringia in 2019. In the TV duel before the state election in Thuringia Minister-President Bodo Ramelow, the meeting of The Left and Mike Mohring from the CDU to each other, the Latter takes a different party in the obligation.



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