The angry carpenter-furious – after the discovery of the Mans Zelmerlöws house


    to go To London for Måns Zelmerlöw fine in his own house is not as easy as it is, Anders Öfvergård might have been expected.

    When the carpenter shows up on the set the other day, the artist, overslept himself, and Öfvergård must attend to the sale price of a sofa at the time.

    “That’s interesting, I go to Gary, in to London, in order to help him to the building, and so I am selling the bloody sofa on Ebay,” he says.

    ” it’s the way it goes at in Gary? He has no clue, it just happens to be the stuff.

    the Big disappointment of the discovery of the Mans
    he Öfvergård find that Måns Zelmerlöw does not have a sort and put the stuff from the big dustbin of the farm – something that they had agreed that he would not have done the day before.

    ” It’s one of the things I will be sorry for it. When we are separated at the joins, you say ”I can do this”, but you haven’t done a damn thing, ” he said with disappointment.

    ” I have a child Now. I can’t give up my life to be sort of a dustbin, turn Zelmerlöw in.

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    As the artist is trying to make a joke about his own lack of interest to sort it and get out of the way of the debris, will be Öfvergård sick and tired.

    “the Joke won’t cut it here for now, because it would be boring, really,” he says seriously, before planning the day.

    ” we’re in the swing of it here we need to build the stairs as well.

    ”do you Have the stomach for it”
    despite the fact that he overslept himself, have Måns Zelmerlöw is in no hurry to get started.

    ” I’m going to grab a coffee.

    He Öfvergård looks like it will be close to the breaking point.

    ” are you Going to take a coffee? I want to express… I have been in therapy in order to be peaceful, but when you think that you have to have a coffee?

    ” Absolutely.”

    ” Ah, but stop, now, bloody hell. Do you have the stomach for it, I wonder Öfvergård stirred in, ”John is knocking on.”

    Måns Zelmerlöw admits that he thinks it’s boring and that sort of stuff and like to shoot it.

    ” I can’t think of a worse tomorrow than it is to get up and sort things in the morning. It was, Anders is a bit hard to buy.

    the Gp has been applied for by Måns Zelmerlöw for the comment.

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