The Danish financial service provider integrated Dash – 20,000 new points of acceptance


    tens of thousands of new traders can now accept payments with the Privacy Coin Dash. This is made possible by a cooperation with the Danish financial service provider Coinify.

    By Christopher clover
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    The Privacy Coin Dash can capture his growth spurt for its Ecosystem. A cooperation with the Danish financial service provider Coinify, the crypto-currency to 20,000 new traders. The announced Dash and Coinify in a joint press release.

    For a Coinify takes Dash in the payment system Coinify Payments. This enables merchants to their customers ‘ crypto-payments, while the payment is made in a Fiat currency of your choice. Furthermore, the API of Coinify now supports the Privacy Coin. Anyone who has appropriate Know-how, you can integrate personalized Trading Widgets in Wallets, Apps, and Websites.

    additionally, Coinify Dash takes its Broker platform MyCoinify. This allows to date the purchase or sale of Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin, SV, Bitcoin, Cash, as well as Stellar lumen.

    “Important step” for the dissemination of the Dash

    Jan Heinrich Meyer, founder and CEO of Dash, Embassy da-CH, sees in the cooperation a further important step for the spread of crypto-currencies:

    Due to our cooperation with Coinify access to Dash is simplified again, because in the future it will be for our users to use Dash without the need for complicated crypto-exchanges. In addition, decreases thanks to the Payment solutions of Coinify, the barrier to Entry for shop owners to accept payments in the Dash. This is currencies another important step towards the wide acceptance of Crypto.

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    Coinify CEO Mark Højgaard also sees a growing importance of crypto currencies for international payment transactions:

    to promote, We believe that digital currencies can find General dissemination as a means of payment and see us in line with the Mission of Dash, which is the wide acceptance of crypto-currencies as a payment method.

    Coinify has about a reach of over 100,000 merchants worldwide. The Danish payment service provider, which allows merchants to their customers crypto-payments. And that’s without even using Bitcoin & co. handling: The dealer receives only Fiat money to his account. The competition company BitPay has recently announced that due to regulatory concerns its withdrawal from Germany.


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