The last wave : France 2 offers a series of fantastic French !


THE LAST WAVE – This evening, France 2 broadcasts the first two episodes of The Last wave. This French series fantastic promises many twists and turns !

Summary trailer of The last wave Broadcast and streaming of The last wave synopsis

[updated October 21, 2019 at 21h54] The last wave will be the new The Revenant ? France 2 broadcasts on Monday 21 October 2019 the first two episodes of his new mini-fantasy series, which chronicles the disappearance and strange several surfers at a competition in the Moors after the onset of a terrifying and gigantic cloud. Is this the result of a supernatural phenomenon, or of the nature that wants to take back its rights ? Because under the guise of a plot fantastic, what are the ecological challenges that are discussed and exploited in this new appointment to be televised, the addition of family dramas and complex characters.

this is A fantasy series, but not as

France 2 broadcast a series of fantastic that will surprise viewers. This one puts in before an event of the supernatural and it is a question of discovering how the characters will adapt after that. The Last wave is not a single series with the fantastic. It will touch on other genres, since it will contain the suspense “We’re in a fantasy series, the cross-section of genres, this is complicated by the partitioning, it is in and the fantastic in the intimate” explained Raphaëlle Roudaut, the creator of the series at the festival Series Mania.

In addition, Rodolphe Tissot, the director, determines that The Last wave is a “high concept”, where there are many twists and turns and complex scenarios. “If it was really necessary to put a label, I would say that this is a series high concept that starts with a supernatural event amazing, a starting point, completely crazy, and the question is to know how our characters will react to it, live with it, how it’s going to make them change, evolve”

In the series, the surfers victims of supernatural phenomena are linked, since they make the same strange dreams. Not to mention that some acquire gifts like the gift of healing, the ability to stay under water snorkeling for hours. And then, a surfer is pregnant see her pregnancy accelerated, and she gives birth well before the scheduled date. All these gifts are changing their lives and the viewers discover cases surprising.

A series on climate change ?

the latest wave promises to touch on many current topics such as climate change. After the incident, the villagers will think that the global warming is responsible for this tragedy. However, they are also wondering if the victims are not sent to pass a message to the people. In any case, the series sets up many storylines, and it promises to answer all the questions of the viewers. “I have the impression that it has succeeded in this good mix between giving the explanation that it is necessary so that the viewer does not feel cheated and at the same time, not spend our time to explain things because it is first and foremost a series about the characters.” said Rodolphe Tissot in 20 Minutes.

What do critics say ?

The Last wave has well and truly won over the critics. Because if the questions are fantastic and green are predominant in this series to the cross-section of genres of France 2, it is by its palette of complex characters that it impresses and grabs the viewer. In casting, we find both well-known faces to the public (David Kammenos, Marie Dompnier, Lola Dewaere, Arnaud Binard, or even Odile Vuillemin), that of young actors who are more or less their first steps in this mini-series (Roberto Calvet, Theo, Christine, Nasturtium Valmary). Actors, seasoned or young prodigal, all prove to be convincing to portray these protagonists as disoriented by this phenomenon, supernatural, and suffering in their private life.

Allociné greet “a real drama, in which all carry the weight of a passive painful and will end up confronted with the idea of loss, through a common trial, the meaning of which eludes them, but which ends up bringing”. For The Cross, “it is in the interactions between the characters that is nestled in the heart of the story”, highlighting the talent of the cast. Even the sound of a bell in Tv Leisure, for which the bet is more than successful : “a captivating history, a subject holder, a casting talented and a haunting atmosphere”, it is what it is ! Discover on France 2 and on the website of France Television. However, the charm has not operated for The Figaro, which laments a fictional “disembodied and impersonal.

learn more The trailer of The last wave

France 2 has posted on his account Facebook a trailer for The last wave. We discover the protagonists as well as this strange cloud that grabs, but also the issues that are going to beat this mini-series : issues around fantasy and the paranormal will be discussed, as are the reflections on the ecology and preservation of nature.

Where and when to watch The last wave ?

The first two episodes of The last wave are broadcast on Monday 21 October on France 2, from 21 hours. They are also already available on streaming on the website of France Television.

Synopsis – The during a surfing competition at Brizan, in the Landes, a cloud-strange appears in the sky. The participants are hit by this strange phenomenon, before coming back unharmed, but with no memory of what happened. The surfers the survivors will come back changed, which will totally disrupt the life of the community.

The last wave – the TV program from Monday 21 October 2019 on France 2.

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