The ministry refuses to help the Danish prisoners in Syria


There is no help on the way to the Danish prisoners in Syria, says the letter to relatives from the Ministry of foreign affairs.

The last few days, several families in Denmark received a letter from the foreign ministry’s Citizen service.

the Families have in common is that they have relatives who are in the camps of Islamic State sympathisers in northern Syria.

Of the letter, it appears that Denmark will not help their family members home from the war-torn country.

It writes the digital identity.

the Newspaper is in possession of a letter, which is sent to one of the families, and have information that other families have received similar letters.

– Fremmedkrigerne must take responsibility for their actions and to have gone out with the children or had children in the conflict zone, says in the letter.

In all, staying there at least 15 men and women with ties to Denmark in two different camps and a prison in Syria, as well as about 30 children.

Lawyer Knud Foldschack represents one of the Danish prisoners family.

– There is talk about a political collapse. It is middelalderagtig policy, he says to Weekendavisen and call the decision “scary” because it “in no way takes account of children’s rights”.

as regards the Danish children, who is imprisoned in Syria, denies the Danish authorities any responsibility for them – unless the “child is in a serious health situation, which can not be treated locally, and which, if left untreated, either can develop life-threatening or may cause serious, permanent disfigurement”.

On an inquiry about the letter says the Ministry of foreign affairs to Weekendavisen:

– the foreign ministry’s Citizen service can confirm that we have continuous dialogue with the relatives in Denmark in cases with children in the camps in north Syria. We have a duty of confidentiality in personsager and can not provide further information.

At save the children calls on the secretary-general Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen the government to reconsider whether to help Danish children in Syria.

– It is simply fatal to børene to be in the camps in Syria, and the Danish children, the government has, in fact, the ability to download out and thus bring in security, she says to Ritzau.

I know that their mothers and fathers have joined a totally terrible organization. But it can and must never ever be the children’s responsibility. It is not the children who have made the choice to go to Syria.

Red the Child requires that children are picked up home with the same, and that we exploit the ceasefire at the moment is in the northeast of Syria after Turkey’s military action in the region.

The approximately 30 children of the Danish ICE-supporters are located in the kurdish-controlled camps in the al-Hol and al-Roj.



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