The pigs used the tool the first time, the study of the


the Researchers studied a family of warthog pulls up in a new report, the conclusion is that the pigs are smart enough to use tools.

in Mammalian Biology has been the sow Priscilla followed for several years, and after that, one of the researchers, in a zoo, by accident, discovered that the pig was used as a piece of bark to dig in to.

She picked up a flat piece of bark about 10 x 40 inches, holding it in his mouth and used it to dig, lift, and push the earth backwards, very hard and quickly, ” said Meredith Root-Bernstein, co-author of the report, according to CNN.

Priscilla, she came back a number of years in a row, a team of researchers to provide the pigs with more gear, including sticks.

and in the beginning, the animals are not with them, but after a few years, using the tines of a movement that is reminiscent of that of peace, to dig and build a nest.

Also, the Priscillas wrong Why use a stick, although his effort was more awkward to use.

and , by 2017, it seemed to Priscilla to use the stick as many as seven times. At the same time, researchers noticed that there was a much less efficient for the pigs to dig up with a stick than to use the matter.

Perhaps they used the pigs to the sticks because it was fun, and as a bonus ”feel good”. Another hypothesis is that, in fact it is in their nest building, and in a way that scientists still did not understand. In the study, are not given the answer to the question why the animals are used to the gears.

in any case, it is the first time that a study found that pigs can be the use of a tool. The behavior seemed to spread through the Priscillas family, as Visayavårtsvin live in family groups and learn from each other. The study also provides clues as to how the mind develops.



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