Tv host Mark Stokholm abused in the lookup on the new channel


After it has been published that an upcoming radio channel by the name of Loud will be taking over, where Radio24syv release, there have been many writings on the subject.

On the social media, there has been attention, and now you can see in a post on Instagram, to tv host Mark Stokholm must be news chief for the new radio channel.

however, It is a false, lookup, confirm Stokholm.

‘I can say with certainty is fake,’ writes the host, there is host on ‘the Studio’ on DR.

He does not wish to comment further on the matter of the advertisement.

the Lookup is placed on a profile called radiolouddk on Instagram, and you quickly get a suspect when one reads the advertisement.

There are spelling mistakes down through the text, where among other things, they write ‘annual’ instead of ‘year’.

‘It is with pride that we can announce that the talented journalist, Mark Stokholm becomes news chief at LOUD!’ is, and it continues:

‘The 46 annual Aarhusianer is known from DRs Studio, where he is not afraid to go hard and critical to its guests! Big welcome to @markstokholm!
let’s get LOUD!’

In connection with the application for supply, there were several typos in the ‘Loud’s version, and there were even critical voices, which said that their application in the whole, is a mockery of radiofaget.

In an interview with the prime minister Mette Frederiksen asked Mark Stokholm Wednesday into what the prime minister thought about Radio 24syv, but when she afsviste blank to go into the debate, responded to Stokholm with a ‘Okay, fair enough.’

In the radio program ‘The small mememageri’ on just Radio 24syv took the fat, the fat in the interview as a topic, and they made, among other things hashtagget #okayfairnok.

Instagram-the cast of Mark Stokholm is not the first time, he is pulled into the debate on the tender procedure.

even Though Mark Stokholm should not be part of the new team, then there are other profiles, as is clear on the challenge.

Tv-celebrity Mattias Hundebøll has announced that he could well be interested.

B. T. has contacted the majority of the 32 names, as the people behind the Loud have mentioned as possible værtstyper in their application for supply. Read their – mostly negative – response HERE.


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