Vintage 0-babe in the wild transformation: – Happy stomach and ass


‘It first went up for me in the day’, so begins Mathilde Beuschau from ‘Year 0’ of his recent postings on Instagram, where the beautiful 19-year-old has shared a picture of her transformation, she has trained intensively in the last two months.

It can be clearly seen in the picture, how her stomach and thighs and been well trained, and Extra Magazine tells the young woman that it is not the only thing that has changed.

– I am most happy for my stomach and butt, after I started to work out. But actually it’s my whole body that’s changed, so I’m probably glad it all, she says.

the Training in addition to show physical results is also given a mental boost to Mathilde.

– I just have more energy and I’m happier. I think that you become a better person to train.

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‘This is insane’
It is some time ago, that she began to train, but it was only after she got the help of a personal trainer, the desired results began to show themselves.

– I saw a picture of myself and thought: ‘It is crazy’, there really has been something, and it gives also good motivation to continue, says Mathilde.

however, It is not because the pretty ‘Vintage 0’-participant plan to make a career as bodybouilder or something like that.

– It is for me to be in good shape. To see themselves in the mirror and be satisfied.

Mathilde Beuschau believe that she may have taken three kilos in muscle mass, and it is she hugely happy.

– I’m just really good for the time. I’ve got my own apartment, and I’m just happy how things are going right now.

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It went only for real up for me today, how much my body has evolved over the last 4 months. Right here motivate me very much! I have damned hard to want to train every day, and multiple times a day! Haha, However, it is for me not only to see the physical results, but also the mental results. In line with my physical development has been significantly better, my mental development followed in this process. I am happy, and it causes that I feel I can equal what I put in me! Training is not only to build muscle mass, but also to improve themselves mentally, and to become a better person. I had not written to @manmachine_dk in his time, had my results has probably never been as good as they are. So thank you for being a coach who gives me a lot of challenges. Thanks to @josh.doit to squeeze me ass hard up in the gym, I have been in need of! My positive approach to life is clearly a reflection of that I have trained, eaten healthy and surrounded by people who help me to achieve my goals in life. So what are you waiting for? Hunting your goals for there is no other that can do it for you!

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